Ciro Stealth Magnetic Loop - NEW!

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Ciro Stealth Magnetic Loop - NEW!
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THE STEALTH MAGNETIC LOOP is a small HF antenna with continuous coverage from 40 to 10 m.

No installation is needed: you can put THE STEALTH LOOP on the ground, on a balcony, on the roof of your stationary car, etc. No pole is required.

Ciro Mazzoni created THE STEALTH LOOP for people who have no space to install their antennas or have issues with their neighbors over large antennas on their property. You can have the great advantage of the magnetic loop in a very small space.

The box dimensions are 147 x 37 x 64cm (it's a big box!) meaning that this unit will be transported by TNT rather than our usual UPS or DPD couriers for the best price available for a box of this size. 

Martin & Gary show off the new Ciro Mazzoni Stealth Loop Antenna at the Newark HamFest:

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Ciro Stealth Magnetic Loop Antenna
For a long time I have not ventured onto the HF bands due to restrictions in deploying good quality antennas at the locations I have lived. The Ciro Stealth is a 'life saver' for those living with many restrictions be this a small garden or more formal restrictions. The build quality of the antenna is outstanding and it is clear this will last many years. The care that has gone into the production deserves special mention, it is powder coated and uses very light materials. I grab it take it down the garden operate and bring it back in!! For me the most exciting aspect is the ATU that allows you to enter the operating frequency using a keyboard. The loop opens or closes to a point where it provides the best SWR. The unit confirms the SWR within seconds and my experience is that it is always very respectable regardless of the band you are working (40 to 10m). Once tuned to a frequency I was really please to see how wide the receive windows was, shown very clearly by the waterfall on my radio and the ability to tune around the band and still have an excellent level of reception. Yes you need to enter the new frequency and tune but unlike some loops that go very silent the Ciro does not. I have enjoyed experimenting with the antenna, raising it about ground on tables, placing it on silver foil sheets even placed it in a pop-up tent with carbon fibre rods to protect it from bad weather and the results are consistently good! (The only reason to protect it from the weather is that you may well bring it in the house after use). Operating using the antenna is fun, if you hear the station I have normally been able to work them even on relatively low power. For me the largest benefit of this loop is that it dramatically reduces the QRM noise levels compared with many other antennas. Would I recommend it? Yes absolutely it provides those who have challenges putting up large antennas with a stealth antenna capable of opening up many opportunities throughout most HF bands. I look forward to the protective cap for the capacitor section becoming available as the birds do see it as a suitable landing station. When ML&S deliver the antenna it comes in a very large protective box!! I have taken the antenna to a number of locations in the car, powered the ATU off a mains inverter on a power pack I have and operated with it on the roof of the car or simply at the side of the car in an open space. Great service by ML&S ordered before 12 and delivered by UPS the next day!
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