Diamond X-200N

Diamond X-200N
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<2m/70cm Dualband BaseAntenna >

• Fiberglass radome
• Overlapping outer shells for added strength
• Strong waterproof joint couplings
• Stainless steel hardware
• Wide band performance
• Factory adjusted no tuning required
• Highest gain
• High wind rating
• DC grounded
• 2m/70cm

Band: 2m/70cm
Gain (dB): 6.0/8.0
Max Power Rating: 200
Wind Rating: 112 MPH
Height (feet): 8.3
Connector: N-Type
Element Phasing: 2-5/8<λ>, 4-5/8<λ>
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Was going the get the X50 But for this price you can't go wrong. This antenna works very well indeed. Would buy another in a heart beat. 73's
X200 review
I previously purchased a Comet GP3 from ML&S and it served me well, removing it after four years service it looked almost as good as new. Having been without VHF/UHF at my present QTH for over two years, I decided to purchase another collinear. Having read the reviews on Diamond I took the advice of Richard (ML&S) and purchased a Diamond X200. The product comes in a plastic heavy duty sleeve and the antenna is packed in two parts. Instructions are not brilliant, but it isn't a difficult antenna to assemble. After shaking down the inside copper element from the top fibreglass White cover, connection to the lower section is made easy. Smearing a fine amount of copper slip between the centre joint rings. After assembling the centre locking nuts between the two parts, I wrapped the joint with self amalgamating tape, wrapping from the bottom upwards makes the water run off each overlap and not into it. I sprayed the tape with a generous coat of white gloss enamel paint for asthetics. I mounted the clamp onto the base of the antenna and the short aluminium tube covers the coax connection plug. This connection has been revised and now has two fixing screws at 90 degrees to each other. This is a far better idea as previous models have had only one which can make the antenna wobble in a gust. Mounted onto a 40mm heavy gauge stainless steel pole I mounted a pulley and my 80m wire doublet sits aprox. 300mm below the radials. As soon as the coax emerged from the bottom of the short mounting tube I constructed an ugly Balun consisting of 5 turns of coax wrapped around a 2ltr coke bottle. (Coke bottle is then removed once cable ties are placed to hold the coax in its round form. I have a run of 25m of Aircell 7. VSWR on 2m and 70cm's just doesn't move on the FM parts of the bands. It's been quite gusty here over the last few days and the weather station has recorded gusts up to 25mph, the antenna hasn't really even wobbled. I am hitting from Sturry the following repeaters, EK,CK,KN,IK,KI,KS,RE,FK,DA,KS. And working simplex well into 50miles range on my Yaesu FT7900R. I am very pleased with the antenna, both from a built quality and also performance. I was considering getting the X50 as a direct replacement from my GP3, however I'm glad i took Richards good advice and went with the X200. I can't recommend it highly enough.
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