DX Engineering DXE-HEXX-5TAP-2

DX Engineering DXE-HEXX-5TAP-2
Part Number: DXE-HEXX-5TAP-2
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HF Beam Antenna BandsBandwidth at 2:1 SWR
20 meters Over 350 kHz
17 meters 450 kHz
15 meters Over 450 kHz
12 meters Over 600 kHz
10 meters 1,500 kHz

DX Engineering HEXX Beam Mark 2 Antennas are complete 5-Band beam antenna systems that offer all of the improvements of the G3TXQ Broadband Hex design over the original Hexbeam***

You get our DX Engineering patented HEXX Hub, the super strong center post and spreaders made with pre-sealed and pre-slit fiberglass tubing, pre-cut and pre-assembled wire elements, assembled floating wire guide and rope attachment clamps, and a revolutionary, Internationally patented* 5-Band Stainless Steel/PTFE Rigid Balanced Feeder system, which allow you to operate with this beam on 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 meters on a single 50-ohm feedline, at full power.

DX Engineering Mark 2 HEXX Beam Antennas offer gain and front-to-back performance that will exceed your expectations! Their unique shape is much smaller, better balanced, and has been reported to receive less noise than typical beams. Even at 22 feet across and 4 feet tall, their turning radius is less than a two element 20 meter Yagi, while offering several enhanced operating characteristics. They handle well over legal limit power on all five bands, so there is no power restriction as on competing antennas. DX Engineering HEXX Beams are very efficient, with full length elements and no lossy coils or traps, requiring no matching network so they are ready for a single 50 ohm coax feed at the top of the center post, as recommended by the engineer. They are light, easy-to-handle antennas that can be rotated with a light duty rotator, and they perform really well--even when mounted in the clear only 20 to 30 ft. above the ground.

Build the new MARK 2 HEXX, G3TXQ Broadband Design Hexbeam*** with Highest Quality Engineering and Components - Why Pay More for Less?

-- Professional Engineering - Custom Designed Components
-- Revolutionary, Internationally Patented* Rigid Stainless/PTFE Balanced Feeder
-- Rugged, Patented** Cast Aluminum HEXX Hub with stainless steel v-bolt hardware
-- Insulated 14 AWG element wires pre-cut and terminated - EASY Assembly!
-- High quality extruded and sealed fiberglass tubing is pre-slit and adjustable - EASY Assembly!
-- Full-time Experienced Tech Support - before and after you buy!

DX Engineering 5-Band Mark 2 HEXX BEAMS are directional beam antenna kits made with fiberglass spreaders and pre-cut wire elements. They look like a large inverted umbrella frame. With these packages, you can build the latest, improved hexbeam antenna with a broadband U-shaped reflector for better coverage of the bands, with low SWR, and wider gain and f/b response. These are the dramatic improvements of the G3TXQ broadband hexbeam design over the classic dual-w hex beam antenna. With our parts now pre-cut and assembled, the illustrated instruction manual allows you to breeze through the assembly and get on the air quickly.

Ours is The Best Fully Illustrated Step-by-Step Construction Manual for a Broadband G3TXQ Broadband Hexbeam. Download the comprehensive manual for a step-by-step set of real professional instructions - not a short "make it look like this" pictorial! Our highly-illustrated instructions are especially appreciated by international customers.

DX Engineering Hexxagonal Beam 5-Band Mark 2 Total Antenna Packages are ready for HF performance and fun!

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