DX Engineering HF Portable TW Antennas and Accessories DXE-TW2010

DX Engineering HF Portable TW Antennas and Accessories DXE-TW2010
Part Number: DXE-TW2010
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Preserving and building upon the legacy of this premier portable HF antenna line, DX Engineering is now the manufacturer and seller of TW Antennas!

DX Engineering's acquisition of the products and designs of these unique HF portable and stealthy antennas brings easy access and simplified ordering to this line formerly known as Transworld.

DX Engineering HF Portable TW Antennas and Accessories feature complete portable antenna packages and all of the individual components to build a custom stealthy system. Will you use these compact HF antennas as portables, fixed antennas, or both? Choose your own path to stealthy operations and to join in the fun of portable HF!

Naturally stealthy, these compact HF vertical-dipole TW antennas feature a black finish that is excellent on fixed antennas in HOAs or where "CC & R" antenna restrictions preclude the installation of towers and easily visible HF antennas. Simply unfold the DXE-TW-BAS-BLK Top and Bottom Sections, add your Band Box Center Post section, and place the antenna on the optional 41 in. long permanent mounting post, DXE-TW-PMP, and operate!

Note: Although a permanently-installed mounting pier (DXE-TW-PMP) is available, DX Engineering TW Antenna band boxes are not waterproof. Do not leave your TW Antenna exposed to the elements.

For portable use, the lightweight foldable Quadrastand, DXE-TW-AQ, lets you set up your DX Engineering HF Portable TW Antenna wherever you happen to be. Quadrastand's gray fiberglass legs will give decades of rugged, dependable service. And since they're fiberglass, there's no chance of corrosion from contact with earth or sand. Think about equipping for your special operating event plans like Scouts Jamboree On-The-Air (JOTA), Field Day or even SOTA (Summits On-The-Air) for backpacking and general camping with HF! A great Carry Case, DXE-TW-DXBAG, is available to make traveling with these antennas in your car or RV a snap.

DX Engineering HF Portable TW Antennas and Accessories are available as mono-band or multi-band systems. Covering all five bands from 20 through 10 meters, DXE-TW-2010 Multi-Band Remote Switching Center Sections include a control console and cable and can be band-switched remotely in the shack and automatically by some transceivers. DXE-TW-2010L Multi-Band antennas can be band-switched manually. Plus, it's easy to change to the 80, 40 and 30 meter operations with DXE-TW-8080, DXE-TW-4040 or the DXE-TW-3030. Swap out each Band Box Center Post to change to operations on these different bands in a very simple manner.

Typical installation for TW Antennas is a compact 8.25 ft. tall and only 5 ft. wide. Make your choice; portable, fixed or both, then equip yourself with the best compact vertical-dipole antennas available.

Note: Whenever the DX Engineering "Documentation" tab is available, please look at the associated files for additional product information.

DX Engineering HF Portable TW Antennas and Accessories are here to help you enjoy working stealthy HF at home or… anywhere!

Brand:DX Engineering
Manufacturer's Part Number:DXE-TW2010
DXE Part Number:DXE-TW2010

Portable Antenna Power Rating:1,200 W PEP
Portable Antenna Connector:SO-239, UHF female
Mounting Clamp Included:Yes
Quantity:Sold individually.
Notes:Requires basic antenna structure, sold separately.Other power limits are 800 W CW, 500 W RTTY/Digital, 375 W AM 100 percent modulation.
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