OptiBeam OB10-3W Plus Balun

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OptiBeam OB10-3W Plus Balun
Part Number: OB10-3W
£1664.95 ( £1387.46 EXC. VAT )
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The OptiBeam OB10-3W is a 10 element 20m, 17m & 15m (14MHz, 18MHz, 21MHz) tri-band yagi.

- Gain: 12.7 dBi/12.7 dBi/14.2 dBi; Length: 11.10m; Weight: 33kg

Price includes the Optibeam Balun - 1:2 5kw by WX0B, click here for more info

UK Carriage is included in the price
- Band: 20m, 17m, 15m (14MHz, 18MHz, 21MHz)
- Gain: 12.7 dBi/12.7 dBi/14.2 dBi
- SWR: 1.0 - 1.4
- Elements: 10
- Max. Element Length: 10.10m
- Boom Length: 5.85m
- Turning Radius: 6.22m
- Feedline: 1x 50 Ohms
- Weight: 33 kg
- Windload at 130km/h
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