MS135 SuperWire Stealth Teflon 135ft Antenna Wire

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MS135 SuperWire Stealth Teflon 135ft Antenna Wire
Part Number: SUPERANT-MS135
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Product Information
  • Overview
  • Description
  • THIS IS: The model MS135 SuperWire by Super Antenna. Designed for ham radio portable antennas, ground radials, and SWL.
  • LENGTH: 135 feet (41 meters) long. Bulk roll hank without spool.
  • CONDUCTOR: Wire 18 AWG (1 mm) diameter, 19 strands, tinned Copper. Excellent for crimping or soldering. RF POWER: Maximum 500 Watts SSB 300 Watts CW/DATA.
  • MATERIALS: Outer jacket Teflon insulation. COLOR: Black matte Stealth anti-reflective. Waterproof.
  • HANDLING: Highly flexible and slippery teflon outer jacket surface tangle resistant in the field for portable use. Same SuperWire as Super Antenna tuned radial sets. WEIGHT: Total 12 ounces.
MS135 SuperWire Specifications

Product Features
  • All Frequency Ranges MF-HF-VHF-UHF (1MHz to 500MHz)
  • Rated Power: 1kW SSB; 750W CW / DIGITAL
  • Portable for backpack, DXpedition, airline, vehicle travel, and Emcomm go-bags
  • Roll up for use with any antenna and SuperMounts
  • Total package weight: ~1 pound (0.4kg)
  • For /Portable or Backpack, Emcomm, or Temporary use
  • For /Pedestrian Mobile dragging wire counterpoises
  • Flexible and Tangle-free wire for excellent roll up and packing
  • 18 AWG 41-strand Stealth teflon PTFE SuperWire with black color
  • Wonderful for hidden antennas or CC&Rs
  • Great for dipoles, loops, end feds, off-center-fed, random wires, long wires
  • Use for radials on HF whips, bug-sticks, hamm-sticks, hustle, etc
  • The same wire used in the SuperAntenna SuperWire Radial Sets
  • Packaged in the 135ft optimum length for shortwave HF antenna applications
  • DC Resistance = 0.72 ohms per 100ft
  • Twisted Pair Characteristic Impedance = 98 ohms
  • Low cost for Teflon high-strand wire at only 22 pence +VAT per foot

Product Contents:
  • MS135 SuperWire
  • 1 SuperWire 18AWG (1mm) Stealth Teflon PTFE 41-strand wire
  • length 135 feet (41.15 meters long)
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