Super Antenna SuperWHIP Pro-Pack. Model: MP1DXTR2 BACKPACK VERSION

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Super Antenna SuperWHIP Pro-Pack. Model: MP1DXTR2 BACKPACK VERSION
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ML&S are pleased to offer the ever popular Super Antenna SuperWHIP MP-1 package with a back pack.

The antenna components (excluding TM4 tripod) easily fit inside this stylish backpack (Colour may vary)  leaving plenty of room for your portable radio, battery, solar panel, lunch, drink and whatever else you may need whilst operating /P.

Why not add 2Mtrs (145Mhz) with the optional MC2 Coil?!
 *For use with current generation MP1 series vertical antennas. Sold since mid 2016.*

This is the MP1DXTR80 Super Antenna,
the maximum setup offered by Super Antenna, with everything in one Go Bag. 

ANTENNA: The MP1B Antenna is at the heart of this high performance system, with its high Q coil military-grade nickel beryllium SuperSlider, with repeatable precision. Simply set your desired frequency on the SuperSlider and start transmitting.

TUNING: The new FG1 Frequency Guide SWR Ruler is a tough polymer card that is calibrated in MHz and meter bands. With it, a good SWR is dialed in on all HF and VHF bands, with no need for an autotuner. Enjoy the freedom of all bands 80m/40m/30m/20m/17m/15m/12m/10m meters, and cover all frequencies 3.5MHz~4.8MHz and 6.9MHz~30MHz... every frequency in between, plus VHF 6 meters - 4 meters - **2 meters - even 220.

SUPERWHIP: The included SW1 SuperWhip ruggedized Titanium whip puts the Super Antenna in a durability class beyond any normal ham antenna. TRIPOD: The collapsible TM4N Tripod enables the antenna to be set up on any convenient flat surface, outdoors or indoors.

MOUNT: The UM3 Universal Mount attaches to nearby objects in any portable or base situation, with your choice to use either the clamp or U-bolt. RADIALS: Pre-tuned multi-length quarter-wave SuperWire Stealth Radial Sets with integral push-on connectors make it easy to cover the complete frequency range every time, without tweaking or adjustment. 80

METERS: The included MC80 SuperCoil.

BACKPACK: The stealth MOLLE/PALS durable BP1 carry case is a professional quality backpack with custom fit pockets made for carrying Super Antenna gear. Top operators reach for their Super Antenna when they need a solid, reliable, powerful, and compact system that goes anywhere. Whether your needs are an expedition, carry-on, a balcony, a weekend get-away, or EmComm disaster relief... Get The Power Of A Super Antenna. A big signal in a small package. *Please Note Backpack colour may vary*

So much work has gone into this marvel of engineering "THE SUPERWHIP!"


MC-2 SuperPlexer 2 metre adapter 144-148MHz Diplexer


What do you get in the kit?:

  •          MP1C (Comes with FG-1)
  •          MR4010 Basic Radial Set 40m-20m
  •          MC80 Super Coil 80m
  •          SW1 (Tungsten Whip)
  •          BACKPACK (Colour may vary)
  •          UM2 (Clamp base)
  •          TM4 (Black big tripod)

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