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Little Tarheel II Motorised Mobile Antenna

Little Tarheel II Motorised Mobile Antenna
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 Little Tarheel II 

When properly installed on your vehicle this antenna will provide continuous coverage from 3.5 to 54 MHz with the supplied whip. The Little Tarheel II antenna like all of our motorized antenna models are built to meet the highest standards but in a smaller size. 

All of our antennas come with the sensors already pre-installed so if you decide to add one of the auto controllers (SDC-100 Simple Controller, SDC-102 Programmable Controller, Turbo Tuner) now or later everything is ready.

We designed this antenna for the person who wants to enjoy HF mobile but is not interested in our large antennas. Don't let the small size fool you because we designed this antenna to be mounted higher on the vehicle, and when mounted higher on the vehicle you have less ground loses which equals higher performance. Also, because of the smaller size you can use a more common type of mount like the Diamond K400 Series, the Comet HD-5 Series or similar 3/8" stud type mount.

And like our other antennas you get the same great look with our Powder Coat Paint system with standard colors of Black, White, Red or Silver. It also comes with the LexanTM Weather Shield like its big brothers, not the flimsy stuff others use. This model also uses the commercial 12 volt gear motor.

We designed the Little Tarheel II as a package. All you need extra is a mount of some sort and a nice HF radio. Included standard with the Little Tarheel II antenna is: the whip, 20 ft. of plug & play control cable, manual control box, ferrite decoupling core and 3/8-24 stud.


The warranty is simple: For the 1st 30 days if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, return the antenna for a full refund less the shipping charges. The antenna has a ONE YEAR NO MATTER WHAT WARRANTY to the original owner. If for any reason (other than damage due to negligence, improper use, use of Non-recomended Controllers or unauthorized disassembly) your Tarheel Antenna fails to perform due to quality or workmanship Tarheel Antennas, Inc. will at our discretion either repair or replace at no charge for parts or labor.
 Shipping charges are your (the customer's) responsibility to and from Tarheel Antennas' repair shop.

You won't be disappointed with the Little Tarheel II, I GUARANTEE IT.

Any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via phone or e-mail us at




Lower Mast Size -- 1 1/2"
Lower Mast Length -- 16"
Whip Length -- 32"
Total Length of Antenna in 54 MHz position -- 48"
Total Length of Antenna in 3.5 MHz position -- 54"
Frequency Coverage Continuous -- 3.5 to 54 MHz
Power Rating -- 200 watts P.E.P. SSB
              50 watts P.E.P. All other Modes

Typical SWR -- 1.5 or less
Weight -- 1.9 lbs.





When using the Little Tarheel II with a 56" whip.
Frequency Coverage Continuous -- 3.4 to 30 MHz

You will see about:
1 dB increase on 20 meters
3 dB increase on 40 meters
5 dB increase on 75 meters

    • Freq: 3.5 to 54 MHz continuous

    • Power rating: 200 watts p.e.p

    • Vswr: typically 1.5 or less

    • Weight: 850g

    • Mast size: 1.5" diameter

    • Mast length: 16 inches

    • Whip length: 32 inches

    • Total length in 54 MHz position 48 inches

    • Total length in 3.5 MHz position 54 inches

  • Includes 20ft of plug & play control box, ferrite decoupling core and 3/8 stud
When properly installed on your vehicle this antenna will provide continuous coverage from 3.5 to 54 MHz with the supplied whip. The Little Tarheel II like all of Tarheel motorized antennas are built to the highest specification
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The best multiband mobile antenna money can buy
Ok, it's not cheap, but for a flawless mobile experience with excellent quality you cannot beat this antenna. Mobile with a control box (either supplied manual one or a pre-tuned automatic controller) you can easily and quickly achieve a perfect match. I have made many DFX contacts mobile with my Icom 7000 and this antenna attached to the back of my Land Rover. Cannot fault it. Customer service is excellent - had a user error when driving under a low barrier!
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