Yaesu YA-30
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The Yaesu YA-30 is a broadband folded dipole antenna working between 1.5-30 Mhz, which comes with 30 meters of cable.

*** Please note this antenna is 83ft long ***

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Intended for military use, the Yaesu YA-30 is very simple to use. Just open the box, roll out the antenna outside where you want to erect. Snap in the supplied spreaders, connect the high quality coax cable assembly (terminated with PL-259's so you don't even have to fit any plugs), to the centre socket. Haul between two points,  up to a tree (and or post/end of wall), plug into your rig and use. For best DX try and get the YA-30 at least 15ft off the ground, it doesn't matter if it slopes and higher the better.

It really is that easy. No tuning, no cutting, no trimming, no wandering outside with your antenna analyser. It will 100% operate anywhere from 1.8-30MHz and better still, you do not need to use an ATU, manual or otherwise. Still want to use that G5RV? This antenna is commercial grade and built to last for years.

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