9 Element 2 meter Yagi The Best Portable VHF Contest EME Antenna PA144-9-5A
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9 Element 144 MHz VHF Contest EME Portable Antenna. Packed "Checked Baggage" Length 119 cm. PA144-9-5A. Highest Class Wideband Antenna 144 to 145...
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9 Element 144 MHz VHF Contest EME Portable Antenna. Packed "Checked Baggage" Length 119 cm. PA144-9-5A.

Highest Class Wideband Antenna 144 to 145 MHz. Perfect to take on VHF Contest or EME expedition. Designed to pass Airline Luggage Restrictions. Excellent Low noise design.

2 meter-144MHz-Yagi-Antenna-Low-Side-Lobes-PA144-9-5A-Checked-Baggage

The best 9 elements Yagi antenna with highest possible gain for its length. Great for Terrestrial VHF Contest or EME work.

Electrical Specifications 2 meter
Frequency Range: 144 - 145 MHz
Free Space Forward Gain: 14.3 dBi
Front to Back Ratio: 32 dB
3 dB Horizontal Beamwidth: 37°
3 dB Vertical Beamwidth: 40.2°
G/T tbd.
Polarization Horizontal or Vertical
Nominal Input Impedance: 50 Ohms
SWR Across Entire Band: < 1.2
Maximum Power Input: More than 500 W, 1500 W available
Matching Method: Direct feed through common mode balun
Connector: "N"
Mechanical Specifications 2 meter
Number of elements: 9
Element Diameter: 8 mm Aluminum tube
Dipole Diameter: 8 mm Hard Copper tube
Longest element: 1040 mm
Element Mounting Position: Below the Boom
Balun and Connector: Included
Boom Length: 4.67 m
Boom Size: 30 x 30 mm + 20 x 20 mm
Number of Boom Pieces: 4
Guy rope support: Not necessary. Strong boom.
Mounting Mast Diameter: 43 - 70 mm 1-1/4" - 2-3/4"
Survival Wind Speed: 150 km/h 
Transportation Length: 1.19 m
Antenna Weight: 6.5 kg
Gross Weight:  8.5 kg

2 meter Yagi VHF-Contest-EME-Antenna-Low-Noise-Pickup-PA144-9-5A Airplane

2 meter Yagi Antenna 9 element Vertical Stacking Distances for F/S -12.5 dB:

2 Antennas 2.95 m for Gain 17.2 dBi (+2.9 dB)
4 Antennas 3.05 m for Gain 20.2 dBi (+5.9 dB)

144 MHz 9 element Yagi Antenna Horizontal Stacking Distances for F/S -12.5 dB:

2 Antennas 3.15 m for Gain 17.2 dBi (+2.9 dB)
4 Antennas 3.3 m for Gain 20.2 dBi (+5.9 dB)

Lower gain and better suppression of sidelobes. Sometimes good in urban (high noise) area:

Horizontal stack 2.6m for gain 16.93 dBi F/S< -18.7 dB

Horizontal stack 2.75m for gain 17.04 dBi F/S< -16.5 dB

Vertical stack 2.5m for gain 16.95 dBi F/S< -17 dB


Or anything between...


2m VHF contest and EME Low Noise Antenna. Two antennas divider and two LMR-400 cables.

Packed to pass Airline Checked-in Luggage Size Restrictions.


9 element 144 MHz Contest antenna, low noise pickup. Dipole, balun and "N" connector detail.


Bracket view of PA144-9-5A VHF Terrestrial Contest or EME Antenna. Bracket and Boom join view.

2 meter-Antenna-Checked-Baggage-Length-Bracket-View-Boom-Join-View

By Order Wing Nuts for easy assembling and disassembling.

2 meter Antenna Bracket with Wing Nuts

2 meter Low noise antenna 9 elements. Different boom sizes view joins.


Perfect SWR on built 9 elements High Gain Low Noise Antenna. Less than 1.15 at the band end.

On working frequencies less than 1.05.

2 meter 9-elements-Yagi-Low-Noise-Antenna-PA144-9-5A-SWR

Another view of perfect Low Noise Antenna PA144-9-5A.

144MHz Contest-Yagi-Low-noise-2meter-Antenna-PA144-9-5A

Excellent choice 9 element EME and VHF Contest Tropo Yagi antenna.

Lee WW2DX will use this antennas on his EME expedition CY9C

Ultimate design with with latest professional full-3D electromagnetic modelling software.
Not possible with EZNEC Pro/4 - NEC4.2 engine, 4NEC2, EZNEC, YO or AO except by accident. 
Or tinkering with antenna elements or spacings.


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