Flexradio Flex-6300 - 100W Transceiver

Flexradio Flex-6300 - 100W Transceiver
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No longer available - See flex 6400, 6600 etc. Due very soon! Check out the specs. 

The FLEX-6300™ is for the amateur operator who wants to experience the magic of software defined radio in the highest performance 100W transceiver family available today.  The FLEX-6300 provides an entry point into multi-dimensional amateur radio operations from CW to the latest digital modes.  Providing dual panadapters and waterfall displays, as well as two full-performance slice receivers, the FLEX-6300 opens up new operating capabilities at an affordable price.



FLEX-6300 Feature Highlights

  • Maximum Slice Receivers: Two (2)
  • Maximum Panadapter Bandwidth: 7 MHz
  • Antenna Connectors: SO-239×2; XVTR-BNCx1
  • Wideband Frequency Coverage: 30 kHz – 54 MHz
  • Transmit Frequency Coverage: 160-6m amateur bands, 100W nominal output
  • Transverter IF Frequency Coverage*: 100 kHz – 54 MHz
  • Digital Audio Exchange Channels (DAX): 2
  • DAX IQ Channels/Bandwidth per Channel (DAXIQ): 2 @ 24 kHz – 96 kHz
  • Microphone Connectors: Unbalanced 8-pin Foster
  • Antenna Tuner Unit (ATU): Optional

Receiver Specifications

  • Receiver Architecture: Direct Digital Sampling
  • Spectral Capture Units: One (1)
  • Maximum Slice Receivers: Two (2)
  • Maximum High Resolution Spectrum Displays: Two (2)
  • Maximum Panadapter Width:  7 MHz
  • ADC Resolution:  16-bits
  • ADC Sampling Rate:  122.88 Msps
  • Wideband Frequency Coverage:  30 kHz – 54 MHz
  • DAX IQ Channels / Bandwidth Per Channel:  Two (2) @ 24 kHz – 96 kHz
  • DAX Audio Channels:  Two (2)
  • Amateur Band Preselector Coverage:  NA
  • Preamplifiers / Attenuators:  0 to +20 dB
  • Spurious and Image Rejection Ratio:  80 dB or better
  • External Powered Speaker Output Impedance Level:  600 Ohm Stereo Unbalanced

Transmitter Specifications

  • Transmitter Architecture:  Direct Digital Up-conversion
  • TX DAC Resolution:  16-bits
  • TX DAC Sampling Rate:  122.88 Msps
  • RF Output Power:  1-100W nominal SSB, CW, FM, RTTY, Digital; 1-25W nominal AM
  • Amateur Band Coverage at Rated Power Output:  160m – 6m
  • Low Pass PA Filter Bands:  160m – 6m ham band only
  • Transverter IF Output Power:  +0 dBm Typical; +10 dBm max
  • Transverter IF Frequency Coverage:  100 kHz – 54 MHz
  • Modulation System:  Digital Low Power at Carrier Frequency
  • Maximum FM Deviation:  5 kHz
  • DAX Transmit Channel:  Yes
  • Carrier / Unwanted Sideband Suppression: 
  • Harmonic Radiation 1.8 – 50 MHz Amateur Bands: 
  • Transmit Bandwidth:  Default 100-2900 Hz (Variable 50-10000 Hz)
  • Microphone Connectors:  Unbalanced 8-pin Foster
  • Microphone Impedance:  600 Ohms Nominal (200-10kΩ)

Antenna Tuner Specifications

  • Matching Range 80m – 10m:  Optional, 8.3 Ohms – 300 Ohms
  • Matching Range 160 and 10m:  Optional, 16.7 Ohms – 150 Ohms

General Specifications

  • USB 2.0 Ports (peripheral control):  Two (2)
  • Master Clock Frequency:  122.88 MHz
  • Master Clock Phase Noise:  -140 dBc@10kHz
  • 10 MHz Reference Clock Stability:  0.5ppm TCXO
  • GPSDO Frequency Stability (GPS locked):  NA
  • Emission Modes:  USB, LSB, CW, RTTY**, AM, Synchronous AM, FM
  • Frequency Resolution:  1 Hz min.
  • Antenna Connectors:  SO-239×2, XVTRx1
  • Antenna Impedance (w/o tuner):  50 Ohm Unbalanced


  • Power Supply Requirements:  +13.8V DC nominal ±15%
  • Current Drain (Receive/Transmit Max):  1.7A / 23A @ 13.8V


  • Height:  3.875″ (7.1 cm) with feet
  • Width:  13″ (33 cm)
  • Depth:  11.75″ (29.8 cm)
  • Weight:  Approximately 10 lbs. / 4.5 kgs
  • Operating Temperature:  0 to +50 degrees C; +32 to +122 degrees F


  • Antenna Tuning Unit (ATU); greater than 3:1 on 80-10m, up 2.5:1 on 160 and 6m
  • Front Handle Kit (adds 1 inch/2.5 cm to total depth
Specifications subject to change without notice.
** Requires 3rd party software.
SmartSDR for FlexRadio Systems is pleased to announce the availability of SmartSDR v1.4.0 for use with the FLEX-6700, FLEX-6700R, FLEX-6500 and FLEX-6300 Signature Series software defined radios. SmartSDR v1.4.0 is a general release that contains new features, bug fixes and a full system optimization. The installation package includes the release notes which have important information about the features and important caveats. v1.4.0 is for all FLEX-6000 Signature Series radios.

Download the software clicking here

SmartSDR for Windows Feature Highlights

  • Network Aware Software
  • Multiple Ultra High Definition Spectrum Displays*
  • Brickwall DSP receive filters
  • Next Generation Waterfall with Scroll Back in Time capabilities
  • Tracking Notch Filters™ (TNF)
  • Advanced Audio Processing: VOX, Voice Processor, Downward Expander and 10-Band EQ
  • Variable Gain and Q Audio Peaking Filter (APF) for enhanced CW Reception
  • Fully integrated transverter support with user defined bands
  • Radio and Transmit Profiles for store and recalling multiple radio configuration
  • CWX: Send CW directly via the keyboard and user defined macro “hot keys”
  • Adaptive Digital Mode Filters for narrow and wide band modes
  • Quick Record and Playback Over the Air
  • DAX™ (Digital Audio Exchange) for digital mode program interfacing
  • CAT Integration to support legacy radio control software
  • FlexControl Integration
  • APIs for .NET, iOS and direct network interfacing via TCP/IP

* Maximum number dependent on FLEX-6000 model

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FLEX 6300 SDR radio
Great service from Sanderly, Garry and Tony, recently. Sanderly was most helpful with a comprehensive demo of the 6300. I was most impressed by this new sdr and purchased one, been having fun ever since. thanks Martin and boys .
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