Flex PowerGenius XL (Deposit)

Flex PowerGenius XL (Deposit)
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Update 9th Jan 2018:
  • 2000W
  • Matching SWR range minimum 1:3
  • LAN/CAT controlled
  • Auto, semi auto and manual tune modes
  • Can be used and controlled directly with Power Genius
  • Can be controlled from the Windows Application as a standalone device
  • 3 antenna outputs
  • Has 4 relay outputs controllable from App (optional)

We thought you might like to hear directly from some of those who are putting their new PowerGenius XL through the paces.  From their experience we know you will agree that it was worth the wait.


" I have had several amps in the N2RJ shack, and now the Power Genius XL. I can say hands down that none of them are even close to the PG XL. I can run this amp at 1.5kw on high duty cycle digital modes all day long without any issues whatsoever. Lightning fast SWR protection protects all of my antennas and switching gear, and the one cable LAN interfacing with the Flex-6700 makes wiring a snap. No custom cables to solder up, just plug it in and go. I have earned 160m DXCC and worked new entities in Asia and Oceania with the help of this amplifier. Often while operating remotely with SmartLink! Not to mention contesting with SO2R in one amp and transceiver is amazing! Kudos to the FlexRadio and 4O3A signature team. They have a winner here for sure.

N2RJ "

" I had the pleasure of testing the Flex 6600-M/Power Genius XL amplifier at the highest competitive level during the ARRL RTTY roundup 2018.  It took me about 20 minutes to bring the entire SO2R setup, including the transceiver and lightweight amplifier into the N6RO superstation from my truck, plug it in to power and LAN and start my pre contest checks, it was literally plug and play.  In competition,  The FLEX-6600M and Power Genius XL combination handled the demanding load of full legal limit SO2R RTTY at top competitive duty cycles without a single hiccup for the entire contest!  The integration of Smart SDR 2.X/SmartSDR-M and Power Genius worked very well, allowing LAN based keying of the amp, and full band/mode control from the FLEX-6600M. Because of this LAN based control, and the Power Genius XL control/meter application, I was able to move the amp outside of the operating area, It can even be in a different room!


The easy setup and full integration  of the FLEX-6600M and Power Genius XL allowed me to keep my focus on operating SO2R, producing one of the highest world scores in my operating category.  The FLEX-6600M touch panel display and control interface worked great, and the display was sharp and easy to look at.   I had loads of fun competing with this setup.  Bottom line, 1 transceiver, 1 amplifier, operating full SO2R, transmitting on band A while listening on band B, and vice versa, even dualing cq's!  Congratulations to FlexRadio and 4O3A for advancing the art of SO2R RTTY contesting to a new level.  This setup blew me away with amazement.. not an easy thing to do!  This is game changing technology, and upon its release the flex contesting community is in for a treat.

Chris Tate
VP/Contest Chairman, NCCC
Flex Radio Systems Community Contesting Champion "

" I have the good fortune to be one of the Power Genius amplifier (PGXL) alpha test team.  I have had the amplifier in m shack for a couple of weeks now and am simply blown away by its capabilities.  A marvel of amplifier technology, the PGXL delivers full period SO2R operations for the avid contester.  It has the power supply and RF deck overhead to loaf along at 1500 watts output without a hitch.  Just turn on the PGXL and then forget it is even there while you work the contest.  How cool is that?


     I am also privileged to be a member of the Alpha Test team for the PGXL and have been working closely with the development teams at Flex Radio and 4O3A to find and improve the operating software.  I can't wait to see what the PGXL evolves into over time.

Bill Axelrod, K3WA "

" I will say that for me using my Maestro and Flex 6700 in combo with the Flex PGXL amplifier is a remote operators dream.  Love the ability to quickly move around the Bands with this 1500 watt + transceiver regardless of Mode of operation.

Larry  K1UO "
Thank you again for your amazing support of FlexRadio!



PowerGenius XL™ The Smart Choice in HF Power Solutions 

PowerGenius XL™ is a true legal limit, all mode, HF -6m solid state amplifier in a small lightweight package incorporating the very latest in LDMOS transistor technology. PowerGenius XL obsoletes those heavy and expensive to maintain tube amplifiers even in the most demanding DX and contest operations. Born of the collaboration between Sky Sat’s 403A Signature Laboratory in Europe and Austin, Texas based FlexRadio Systems, the PowerGenius XL joins decades of HF amplifier and RF system engineering experience to deliver unique, proprietary design features built with state-of-the-art components for unrivaled performance.

√ Full legal power HF -6m, 1500W ICAS, all mode with 2000W headroom
√ Unique Maximum Efficiency Algorithm (MEffA™) for efficiencies up to 75%
√ Diplexed filters maximize harmonic suppression and efficiency
√ Fully SO2R capable - 70dB nominal isolation between exciter inputs
√ Automatic Power Control (APC) for ultra fast SWR protection
√ Remote control with desktop application in LAN or WAN networks
The PowerGenius XL is a 100% duty cycle, legal limit (1500W ICAS) 1.8-54MHz RF amplifier intended for both amateur and government use. It incorporates a pair of modern NXP 1K5H LDMOS transistors that are individually capable of 1.5 KW thus providing plenty of headroom for lowest IMD and spurious output. Efficiency and spurious performance are also enhanced through the use of diplexed filters. Multiple band selection methods are supported including CAT, CI-V, BCD band decode and Ethernet to allow automated operation with most modern radios. When connected to a FLEX-6000 Series radio over Ethernet, SmartSDR™ provides fully integrated station automation. To simplify integration, T/R control is provided over the Ethernet connection which further minimizes wiring. In addition, all amplifier status reporting, including power levels, fault conditions and resets are reported to the FLEX-6000 series transceiver using the SmartSDR API. SmartSDR client interfaces such as SmartSDR for Windows®, Maestro™ and others can display power levels and other reported statuses. For remote operation and other RF radio exciters, an Ethernet API or friendly Windows® or Android™ app can control the PowerGenius XL. For contest operation, the PowerGenius XL is SO2R capable with two inputs and two outputs for two sources and antennas and the rapid band switching eliminates the need for two amplifiers. A single FLEX-6700 and PowerGenius XL comprises a complete SO2R station at half the cost of competing solutions.

UNIQUE FEATURES OF POWERGENIUS XL PowerGenius XL provides unprecedented performance in your shack while providing cost savings over other competing solutions. Unique to PowerGenius are the following features: Dual Filtering PowerGenius XL’s dual filtering capability provides for exceptionally clean spectrum. √ Diplexer for each band routes fundemental frequency through a Low Pass Filter (LPF) and harmonics to a 50 Ohm load. √ All harmonics are significantly suppressed beyond strict FCC and CE regulations. √ Harmonic energy goes through two stages of reduction. MEffA™= Unparalled Efficiency √ Patent pending Maximum Efficiency Algorithm (MEffA) √ For single tone modes (CW, RTTY), MEffA sets dynamic real time output device drain voltage and current yielding maximum efficiency for output power in real time, reducing heat dissipation for efficiency up to 75%. √ Up to 65% efficiency with excellent IMD characteristics for SSB. Automatic Power Control (APC) √ When high VSWR is detected, APC proportionately reduces output power to a safe level allowing for continued operation. √ When VSWR exceeds high limit, APC switches to STBY mode. √ When APC detects increased heat sync temperature, it will reduce the output power only if the MEffA system can not contain it within allowed limits; when the amp cools to a safe 60º C, APC will return amp back to full power. √ Protection reacts in a time frame of about 1 µs to protect the amplifier from high VSWR and temperature.

Technical Specifications PA Specs: RF Power Output: 1500W (ICAS), 2000W Capable Exciter Drive Level: 50W (US version) Transistors: NXP IK5H x 2 Exciter Inputs*: SO-239 x 2 Antenna Outputs: SO-239 x 2 Antenna Impedance: 50 Ohm Unbalanced Cooling: Thermostatically Controlled Fans Mechanical Specs: Dimensions: 5”H x 13”W x 17”D 13cm x 33cm x 43cm Weight: 33 ibs (15Kg) Operating Temp: -25ºC to +60ºC Electrical Specs: Input Voltage**: 90 - 250VAC, 50/60 Hz Power Supply: Modular Internal Switching * SO2R Configuration ** Maximum RF power output achieved using 220 VAC
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