Icom IC-7300 Special Offer HF/6m/4m base transceiver

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Icom IC-7300 Special Offer HF/6m/4m base transceiver
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100 Watt - HF/50 & 50W on 70MHz SDR TRANSCEIVER with SSB / CW / RTTY / AM / FM 


Update for Ordering RadioSport Headsets:

IC-7300 8-Pin Foster CS6-ICM 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Plug w/1/4" Adapter M360

HF/50/70MHz Transceiver

The IC-7300 is a revolutionary compact radio that will excite HF operators from beginners to experts. This new model has a high-performance real-time spectrum scope and employs a new RF direct sampling system. The IC-7300’s real-time spectrum scope provides top-level performance in resolution, sweep speed and dynamic range. While listening to received audio, the operator can check the real-time spectrum scope and quickly move to the intended signal. The combination of the real-time spectrum scope and waterfall function improves the quality and efficiency of HF operation.

The new RF direct sampling system employed by the IC-7300 realises class leading RMDR (Reciprocal Mixing Dynamic Range) and Phase Noise characteristics. In addition, the IC-7300 features the 70MHz band (European versions only), a large touch screen colour TFT LCD, convenient multi-function dial knob, automatic antenna tuner, voice recorder function and more.



Class Leading Real-Time Spectrum Scope
You no longer have to choose whether to listen to the audio or have the spectrum scope sweep for signals as the IC-7300’s real-time spectrum scope offers the simultaneous operations found in higher tier models. This means you can use either the spectrum scope or the waterfall to quickly move to an intended signal while listening to the receiver audio. The IC-7300’s touch screen introduces a “Magnify” function. So, when you first touch the scope screen around the intended signal, the touched part is magnified. A second touch of the scope screen changes the operating frequency and allows you to accurately tune.

High-Resolution Waterfall Function
The combination of the waterfall function and the real-time spectrum scope assists in maximum receive performance of the IC-7300 and increases QSO opportunities without missing weak signals. The waterfall function shows a change of signal strength over a period of time and allows you to find weak signals that may not be apparent on the spectrum scope.

Audio Scope Function
The audio scope function can be used to observe various AF characteristics such as microphone compressor level, filter width, notch filter width and keying waveform in the CW mode. Either the transmit or receive audio can be displayed on the FFT scope with the waterfall function and the oscilloscope.

RF Direct Sampling System
The IC-7300 employs an RF direct sampling system. RF signals are directly converted to digital data and processed in the FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array), making it possible to simplify the circuit construction. This system is a leading technology making an epoch in amateur radio.

New “IP+” Function
The new “IP+” function improves 3rd order intercept point (IP3) performance. When a weak signal is received adjacent to strong interference, the AD converter is optimized against signal distortion.

Class Leading RMDR (Reciprocal Mixing Dynamic Range) and Phase Noise Characteristics
The IC-7300’s RMDR is improved to about 97dB* (typical value) and Phase Noise characteristics are improved about 15dB (at 1 kHz frequency separation) compared to the IC-7200. The superior Phase Noise characteristics reduce noise components in both receive and transmit signals. 
* At 1 kHz frequency separation (received frequency: 14.2MHz, MODE: CW, IF BW: 500Hz)

Large Touch Screen Colour TFT LCD
The large 4.3 inch colour TFT touch LCD offers intuitive operation. Using the software keypad of the touch screen, you can easily set various functions and edit memory contents.

Multi-Dial Knob for Smooth Operation
The combination of the multi-dial knob and the touch screen offers quick and smooth operation. When you push the multi-dial knob, menu items are shown on the right side of the display. You can select an item with a touch of the screen and adjust levels by turning the multi-dial knob.

SD Memory Card Slot for Saving Data
The IC-7300 can store various contents into SD card such as received and transmitted audio, voice memories, RTTY/CW memories, RTTY decode logs and captured screen images. Personal and firmware updating data can also be stored to the SD card for easy setting.

15 Discrete Band-Pass Filters
The IC-7300 has 15 discrete RF band-pass filters. The RF signal is only passed through one of the band-pass filters, while any out of range signals are rejected. High Q factor coils are used to minimize the loss in the RF band-pass filters.

Built-In Automatic Antenna Tuner
The antenna tuner memorizes its settings based on your transmit frequency, so that it can rapidly tune when you change operating bands. The Enforced Tuning function* allows a wide range of temporary antennas to be tuned. 
* Do not use the Enforced Tuning function except in case of an emergency. Transmission power may be reduced.

Superior Sound Quality
To offer superior sound quality, a new speaker unit has been incorporated and is allocated dedicated space in the aluminium die-cast chassis.

Other features 
• New HM-219 hand microphone supplied 
• Effective large cooling fan system 
• A Multi-function meter 
• 101 memory channels (99 regular, 2 scan edges) • Optional RS-BA1 IP remote control software (the spectrum scope with the waterfall can be observed) 
• CW functions: Full break-in, CW reverse, CW auto tuning


  • 70MHz band (European versions only)
  • Class Leading Real-Time Spectrum Scope
  • High-Resolution Waterfall Function
  • Audio Scope Function
  • RF Direct Sampling System
  • New “IP+” Function
  • Class Leading RMDR (Reciprocal Mixing Dynamic Range) and Phase Noise Characteristics
  • Large Touch Screen Colour TFT LCD
  • Multi-Dial Knob for Smooth Operation
  • SD Memory Card Slot for Saving Data
  • 15 Discrete Band-Pass Filters
  • Built-In Automatic Antenna Tuner
  • Superior Sound Quality
  • New HM-219 hand microphone supplied
  • Effective large cooling fan system
  • A Multi-function meter
  • 101 memory channels (99 regular, 2 scan edges)
  • Optional RS-BA1 IP remote control software (the spectrum scope with the waterfall can be observed)
  • CW functions: Full break-in, CW reverse, CW auto tuning
  • AH-2B : Whip
  • AH-4 : Automatic Antenna Tuner
  • AH-5NV : NVIS Kit
  • AH-710 : Antenna
  • AH-740 : Automatic Tuning Antenna
  • CT-17 : Interface
  • HM-219 : Hand Microphone
  • MB-118 : Mobile Mounting Bracket
  • MB-123 : Carrying Handle
  • OPC-2321 : Control Cable Adapter
  • OPC-420 : Adapter Cable
  • OPC-599 : Cable
  • PS-126 : DC Power Supply
  • RC-28 : RC-28 IP Remote Control System
  • SM-30 : Desktop Microphone 
  • SM-50 : Desktop Microphone
  • SP-23 : External Speaker
  • SP-33 : Base Station Speaker
  • SP-34 : Base Station Speaker with Filters
  • SP-35 : External Speaker
  • SP-35L : External Speaker
  • SP-38 : External Speaker


The "IC-7300 Resources Page"

Ian Wade, G3NRW, announces the introduction of the "IC-7300 Resources Page", available at:


The site contains hundreds of references to IC-7300 documentation, software, firmware, HOWTOs, TechNotes, reviews and other support material, plus a collection of over 80 (mostly) YouTube videos demonstrating many aspects of using the transceiver. Motivation for building the site arose from Ian's difficulties in finding all this information, much of which is scattered all over the internet. The site will particularly appeal to anyone who is considering buying the Icom IC-7300, as well as existing users who are continually looking for more information on this very popular transceiver.
(14 reviews)Write a review
Superb on all fronts !
Getting back into the hobby after a 10 yr hiatus...wanted an all-rounder and ML&S are the go-to dealers , even here in Scotland! Arrived next day, put up an end fed multiband and on the air in minutes, Americas, Asiatic Russia, Far East...no problem and great signal reports. ...opted for the rf output free accessory as I had an SDR-1 and wow! provides the full 27" monitor experience (7300 lacks a video-out) ...overall, highly impressed and I have only begun to scratch the surface of what this rig will do...Many Thanks ML&S and of course Icom ....a happy ham 73's de MM1ANP
Andy M0UKN
Bought the icom 7300 cant believe what I've been missing the receive is absolutely amazing and the dsp is out of this world would recommend this radio to anyone. Don't be put off by the menu it's a doddle to us took me 30mins. Thank you Martin lynch once again you have looked after me 100%. 73
Great service from ML&S 10 out of 10 Folks and the 7300 is up there as well what a brilliant radio .Nice to have an internal ATU that works and the radio is so easy to use.
My first amateur radio
After much deliberation I finally went for the 7300 and can’t recommend it enough. It has everything I need and more, built in ATU is great. The best feature is the spectrum scope, makes it easy to find signals on quiet bands. If your thinking about getting this radio do not hesitate, you will be pleased with the purchase.
A great transceiver
Easy to use. Has all the features I need and the service I got was fine. I also have a Yaesu FT-991 and I like the IC-7300 better
Superb SDR Transceiver
As a long standing ML&S customer, I decided to purchase the IC-7300 and am not disappointed. Superb screen, great sensitivity and almost all the features radio hams need without buying all those extras. I recommend the Icom external speaker (although the internal one is pretty good), as it directs audio to the user.
I absolutely love 💕 my new Icom IC-7300
I have only had my new Icom IC-7300 for a couple of days and i absolutely love my new radio. This has to be the best full size transceiver i have ever owned, the receive is an absolute pleasure to listen to straight from the built in speaker. The touch screen makes operating the most used functions a breeze to adjust. Setting up was very easy, even more so after watching a few video’s on you tube. I operate mainly QRP and with my 7300 set to 10 watts i went to work, it wasn’t long before i got my very first contact.. Reports were excellent as i kind of expected from this quality transceiver. ML&S were on the ball with getting my new radio shipped out to me.. I ordered this radion on Wednsday afternoon and by 1PM the next day i had it in my hands. Very well packaged & super fast delivery, what else could you ask for. I very Highly recommend ML&S for a great & friendly service.. 73 de Wayne 2e0bvj
Had mine a year and just love it the best rig I have ever owned MLS are good dealers , good customer service.There is some quirky stuff with setting up on dig operating , but you can find loads of YT support . Worked loads of dx since owning her and phone and CW are a joy to operate . Recommended to new amateurs and more experienced operators
Icom IC-7300
I have had the Icom IC-7300 for just over a week now i am blown away by the quality of the reviver, so much bang for your buck. the transceiver is a joy to use.
Outstanding receiver! Superb filtering! Excellent audio both in transmission and receive! Good work, Icom!!! An enjoyable transceiver full of good features at a great price, and at Martin Lynch with 3 year warranty plus the optional SP-38 external speaker at half price, you just can`t ask for more! Highly recommended!
This really could be a keeper...........
The more I use it the more it's becoming the rig of choice. My Pro3 is still my main base stn. but the features of my 7300 are keeping me interested, ok it's not a contesters radio, that aside it's incredible value for money and just enjoyable to use. Today I took my 7300 out portable onto the Akamas Peninsula and with the bright sunshine here in 5B4 land and compared it with a 991, oh dear, hopefully the new 991A has a better screen as the 7300 is far and away superior than the 991. The 7300 screen is vivid and clearer/sharper apart from being an all round easier touch screen radio to use. Of course the Icom has a much better receiver anyway but today was a test in harsh sunshine conditions......
Buy one!
Had the IC-7300 since mid-July, 2016. Amazing piece of kit - the more I use it the more I like it! I operate CW, voice, and digital modes - it excels on them all.
IC7300 Win 7
A cautionary tale- I had this radio up and running on WSPR and it suddenly failed 'USB device not recognised' in Windows after a few days. I thought the 7300 USB interface had failed (just about to phone ML&S) but to be sure I rolled my WIN7 Professional back to its 27/07 checkpoint and it's now working properly again:-) Thank you Microsoft for sending out a bug....do they ever test anything properly? I doubt it.
I have had this radio nearly 2 weeks now. Excellent build quality and a function rich radio. The rf gain / squelch fooled me for 10 mins as it was turned fully anti-clockwise as received, and it seemed the radio was deaf. Be aware this control behaves differently from a 'conventional' (non-SDR) radio. I now have it working well on WSPR having changed the CI-V Address to 76h as used by my IC7200 as the IC7300 isn't defined to WSPR-X (yet). I will now have to re-deploy my IC7200. This is an excellent value for money radio with a great (quiet) receiver...and once again great service from ML&S - delivered safely and on time:-)
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