Kenwood TS-480SAT

Kenwood TS-480SAT
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100W model: The 100W TS-480SAT is additionally equipped with a built-in automatic antenna tuner. As a go-anywhere HF/50Mz all-mode transceiver, Kenwood's new TS-480HX/TS-480SAT is well ahead of the pack when it comes to advanced electronic engineering, convenient features and ease of operation.

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Remote control (Kenwood Network Command System):l
Using the ARHP-480 radio host program*, you can control the transceiver remotely over a LAN or via the Internet. The Kenwood Network Command System also enables VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) applications.

*When using this product for remote control of a transceiver using the Internet, you should ensure that you are familiar with and comply with the laws governing radio transmissions in the country where the transceiver is located.

To use ARHP-480 requires global IP; any questions regarding IP addresses should be directed to your provider.

A computer running Windows® 2000/XP/Win 7 and equipped with a microphone and speakers (or headphone) is required for VoIP.

TX/RX AF DSP: 16-bit AF digital signal processing offersl such powerful features as noise reduction, TX/RX equalizer, and AF filters.

Compact construction: As well as being designed for compactness,l both models are supplied with a convenient carrying bracket that's perfect for any DX'pedition.

Separate LCD control panel with speaker: Sporting a largel amber LCD with backlit keys, the standalone control panel can positioned anywhere up to 4 metres from the main unit.

Continuous RX: 500kHz (VFO:l 30kHz) to 60MHz

TX: covers all Amateur bands 1.8MHz to 50MHz

Other features include a quad-mixer that provides RX dynamic range in the TS-950 class, PSK31 compatibility, packet cluster tune (with TM-D700E), PC-based control, and optional IF filters.

Tailor-made for DX'ing, the new TS-480HX HF transceiver raises the bar on portable performance. Despite its compact dimensions, it delivers an astonishing punch: 200W with a DC 13.8V supply.

Its separate control panel is perfect for base station use.

Sharing virtually all the same powerful features is the 100W TS-480SAT, except that it boasts a built-in antenna tuner. Whichever model you choose, you can be sure of enjoying the best of both worlds first-rate communications at home and on the trail.

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Kenwood TS-480sat
I bought my TS-480 in the days when B stock had not been invented but was in effect B Stock. I use the radio mainly with Sands Radio Communications Group on Special events like Museums on the air, where it out worked flawlessly as a second station on a different bands. More recently on Last of the Summerwine events where we go out mobile and operate portable, in this case at Middleton Sands where it broke a pileup to Brazil. The radio has the benefit of two antenna inputs. One used on a homebrew 20 vertical the other with a 40m - 4m inverted Delta Loop, it switched bands and tuned flawlessly. The good news is the radio is still in production. You can read a blog on the last event at Best 73 Brian G0RDH
Kenwood TS480 SAT
What a radio. RX and TX just out of this world. ATU works a dream on it also unlike most that tend to chatter more than they tune. A fantastic radio as standard but tune the DSP to the DX setting or the Dynamic setting and you bust the pile ups on the standard 100 watts of the SAT no problem. I have just started to use the Heil Pro Elite 6 with this radio and it takes the radio to a whole new level and the reports back really put a smile on your face. I just cant find a fault with the radio although it as had a couple of firmware updates to address a couple of little quirks with the operating software it is now (if not before) one of the best...if not THEEE best radio in its price range to date. Its going to take a lot to beat this radio even with the more expensive units out there.I have had MK2G's, 857D's and this Kenwood TS480 coupled with the Heil Elite Pro 6 head set (in my view) just blows them clean out of the water. I can assure you what ever model you get be it the SAT or the HX you will never regret it. For the first time in my life I have never had to scream my head off to make a contact even in a pile up and using only the standard power output from the SAT. And may I say that I only use a Super Antenna MP1 just situated at the back of my computer chair in my bedroom...Over the moon with this set up. Once again I can assure you what ever model you get be it the SAT or the HX you will never regret it. Go on treat yourself to a decent radio for a change. And no I don't work for M&L or Kenwood. I just know a good radio when I use one. After all I have used a few. 73 from M0JFK.
this is a great radio ...great dsp and noise blanker.. fantastic audio. very good reorts on my audio.... this radio was recomended by a member of staff at ml&s ...and he was right ...what a radio.... highly recomended to anyone....
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