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Kenwood TS-890S
Part Number: TS-890S
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Why purchase from ML&S?
  We are officially the Sole U.K JVC-Kenwood Distributor & approved Authorised Service Centre for Ham Radio products. We consistently sell more Kenwood in this country than any other retailer, having won yet another "Dealer of the Year" award for 2017-2018. ML&S are the only dealer in the U.K with 4 on-site engineers dedicated to Ham Radio repairs & support. Want peace of mind when buying your new TS-890S? You've come to the right place! Trade-ins welcome just call 0345 2300 599

New for 2020! FREE Kenwood MC-43S fist microphone included in every TS-890S purchase via the web only. 

Kenwood's new HF/50MHz/70MHz Base Station masterpiece. 

Featuring a full down conversion receiver, built-in roofing filters for 500Hz / 2.7kHz / 6kHz / 15kHz and a 270Hz option.

A full colour 7 inch TFT Display with full band scope.

100W output on HF/50MHz, 50W on 70MHz (Europe version only).

Check out the Direct Index for the TS-890S manual



Frequency range


160m band

1.81 ~ 2.0 MHz

80m band

3.5 ~ 3.8 MHz

60m band *1

5.25 ~ 5.45 MHz

40m band

7.0 ~ 7.2 MHz

30m band

10.1 ~ 10.15 MHz

20m band

14.0 ~ 14.35 MHz

17m band

18.068 ~ 18.168 MHz

15m band

21.0 ~ 21.45 MHz

12m band

24.89 ~ 24.99 MHz

10m band

28.0 ~ 29.7 MHz

6m band

50.0 ~ 52.0 MHz

4m band

70.0 ~ 70.5 MHz

Frequency range (Receiver)

0.13 ~ 30 MHz,  50 ~ 54 MHz,  70.0 ~ 70.5MHz

VFO: Continuous 30 kHz ~ 74.8 MHz


A1A(CW), A3E(AM), J3E(SSB), F1B(FSK), F3E(FM), G1B(PSK)

Frequency stability

±0.1 ppm, 0 °C ~ +50 °C

Antenna impedance

50 Ω

Antenna tuner load range

16.7 Ω ~ 150 Ω

Supply voltage

DC 13.8 V ±15 %


Negative ground

Current Drain


22.5 A or less

RX (No signal)

2.5 A or less

Operating Temperature

0 °C ~ +50 °C


Without projections

W396.0 × H141.3 × D340.0 mm

With projections

W409.6 × H158.3 × D387.4 mm


Approx. 15.8 kg



Output Power   (AM)

HF/50MHz:  Max 100 W / Min 5 W,  (Max  25   W / Min 5 W)

70MHz: Max 50 W / Min 5 W,  (Max 12.5 W / Min 5 W)


SSB: Balanced, AM: Low Power, FM: Reactance

Maximum frequency deviation (FM)

wide: ±5 kHz or less, narrow: ±2.5 kHz or less

Spurious emissions

HF: -50 dB or less

50 MHz: -63 dB or less

70 MHz: -60 dB or less

Carrier suppression

60 dB or more

Unwanted sideband suppression

60 dB or more

Transmit frequency response

Within -6 dB (100 ~ 2,900 Hz)

Microphone impedance

600 Ω

XIT variable range

±9.999 kHz



Circuit type

Double Superheterodyne

Intermediate frequency

1st IF

8.248 MHz

2nd IF

24 kHz / 36kHz (FM)




(S/N 10 dB)

0.5 μV  (0.13 ~ 0.522 MHz)

4 μV  (0.522 ~ 1.705 MHz)

0.2 μV  (1.705 ~ 24.5 MHz)

0.13 μV  (24.5 ~ 30 MHz)

0.13 μV  (50 ~ 54 MHz)

0.13 μV  (70 ~ 70.5 MHz)

AM (S/N 10 dB)

6.3 μV  (0.13 ~ 0.522 MHz)

31.6 μV  (0.522 ~ 1.705 MHz)

2 μV  (1.705 ~ 24.5 MHz)

1.3 μV  (24.5 ~ 30 MHz)

1.3 μV  (50 ~ 54 MHz)

1.3 μV  (70 ~ 70.5 MHz)

FM (12 dB SINAD)

0.22 μV  (28 ~ 30 MHz)

0.22 μV or less (50 ~ 54 MHz)

0.22 μV or less (70 ~ 70.5 MHz)




5.6 μV or less (0.13 ~ 0.522 MHz)

18 μV or less (0.522 ~ 1.705 MHz)

1.8 μV or less (1.705 ~ 30 MHz)

1.1 μV or less (50 ~ 54 MHz)

1.1 μV or less (70 ~ 70.5 MHz)


0.2 μV or less (28 ~ 30 MHz)

0.2 μV or less (50 ~ 54 MHz)

0.2 μV or less (70 ~ 70.5 MHz)

Image Rejection Ratio

HF:70 dB or more, 50 /70 MHz: 60 dB or more

IF Rejection Ratio

70 dB or more



2.6 kHz or more (-6 dB)

4.4 kHz or less (-60 dB)


500 Hz or more (-6 dB)

1.2 kHz or less (-60 dB)


6.0 kHz or more (-6 dB)

12 kHz or less (-50 dB)


12 kHz or more (-6 dB)

25 kHz or less (-50 dB)

RIT variable range

±9.999 kHz

Notch filter attenuation

60 dB or more (Auto), 70 dB or more (Manual)

Beat cancel attenuation

40 dB or more

Audio output

1.5 W or more (8 Ω)

Audio output impedance

4 Ω ~ 8 Ω

Supplied accessories

 DC power cord x1

*1  60 m band: Refer to applicable Amateur Radio regulations to your country.

Electronic specifications apply only to amateur bands. Receive sensitivity drops in the vicinity of the 1st IF frequency (8.248MHz) due to IF trapping.

Internal beat may occur during amateur band receive. Band scope (waterfall) screen may also display spurious signals other than receive signal.

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Well worth the money for the Rx alone, plus a brand new fully featured rig.
I wanted to replace my base station HF rig. Previoulsy I had a Ten Tec Orion 2, an Elecraft K3 and before this an IC756PRO. I was very pleased with the K3's performance but less so with the Ten Tec's build quality so when Radcom and PW reviewed the TS890, I decided to raid the piggy bank and take the plunge. I've had the rig on the shack table with the K3 and the Orion 2 for comparision and in fairly normal for this time in the sunspot cycle ( ie no 15M or above, most activity on 30M and 20M). I was immediately struck with the TS890 and the clarity of weaker signals compared to the other two rigs. I put this down to the more traditional down conversion technique rather than the heavy reliance on software used by the other two. The strong signal and close up handling was also very evident and as good as the K3 and Orion 2 in this respect. The build qualty is far superior to either of the other rigs and although the £ 3.5K price tag won't be for everyone , it is well worth it in my opinion. I've been licenced for over 40 years and have had all sorts of transceivers ranging from Drake and Collins, through Ten Tec, Elecaft, Yaesu and Icom. I can confidently say that the TS890S betters all of these and gives all modern features as well as 160M to 4M coverage ( 60M with a small snip inside).
TS890 overview
Are you wondering if the improvement in RX performance offered by the TS890 over (say) a TS590 can actually be perceived in a real-world situation? I have posted my comparison, and an overview of the TS890 here
5 years to the day after I picked up my TS590 from Newark Show, I picked up my TS890 at Newark 2018. Martin knew I'd been waiting a long time for this rig to appear. I was first in line to order one, so with the help of Mark at KenwoodUK he made sure I had s/n 00001. How thoughtful was that. Thank you Martin :-) It looks good in the brochure but in the flesh it looks even better. Be aware that it is VERY heavy. 21.8Kg in its box, so when Martin says 'Ollie will carry it to the car for you', take him up on the offer. It is not direct sampling SDR, but this rig is not about 'fashion' its about performance. If the advertised RX figures hold true it will be up at the top of the 'Sherwood list'. Follow your heart, not the herd.
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