Yaesu FT-2000D
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Please see the new FT-DX3000 - (This is a 100w radio)

It follows in the tradition of venerable FT-1000 series, and incorporates an amazing number of advanced features from the FT-9000 series. Covering 160 through 6 meters.

The receiver front-end includes VRF (Variable RF Tuning) preselector which works in conjunction with a bank of fixed bandpass filters. This provides a front-line defense against strong out of band signals. The result is improved dynamic range and a higher intercept point than other designs. The First IF roofing filters (3/6/15 kHz) increase dynamic range in crowded band conditions.

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Latest Firmware Update v0139
More Information
Visit the Yahoo FT-2000 Group
Installing DMU-2000 (Video)
FT-2000 Review

A video of David Warner (G4OER) demostrating how to install the Yaesu FT-2000 DMU-2000 component.

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