Icom ID-51E Plus 2 Cloud Blue

Icom ID-51E Plus 2 Cloud Blue
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Cloud Blue comes with OPC-2350LU prog cable! 

Dual Band D-STAR Digital Transceiver

The ID-51E PLUS2 is the latest generation of D-STAR handportable from Icom. This new model incorporates popular features found in the original including integrated GPS, an independent AM/FM receiver and V/V, U/U, V/U Dualwatch, but now includes new ‘Terminal Mode’ and ‘Access Point Modes’ enabling you to make D-STAR Callsign routed calls through the Internet, even from areas where no D-STAR repeater is accessible.
*“Terminal ID” and “Access Point” features will only work through an Icom D-STAR repeater enabled with the latest G3 Software. The ID-51E PLUS2 will function only as a normal D-STAR radio until this implementation occurs.
New Access Point Mode and Terminal Mode 
New modes in the ID-51E PLUS2 enable you to make Gateway calls through a PC (Windows) or an Android device, even from areas where no D-STAR repeater is accessible.
Access Point Mode
Use the ID-51E PLUS2 radio connected to the Internet through a PC (Windows) or Android device*, as an Access point. You can use another D-STAR radio to send your voice and/or data through the Access point radio.
Terminal Mode
Connect the ID-51E PLUS2 to the Internet through a PC (Windows) or Android device* and send your voice and/or data using Callsign routing through the Internet gateway to a destination repeater.
* An optional free download software, RS-MS3W is required to be installed in the PC. An optional free download application, RS-MS3A is required to be installed in the Android device.
Digital Voice and Data Communication
The ID-51E PLUS2 is a VHF/UHF dualband transceiver with digital/FM dual mode functions. The ID-51E PLUS2 makes not only conventional FM local calls, but also D-STAR calls through a repeater network connected worldwide, or calls over an Internet gateway. With the ID-51E PLUS2, you can call a friend in another city, or even internationally through a D-STAR repeater, with digital clear audio. In addition, the ID-51E PLUS2 can send digital voice with data; text messages, GPS position information and pictures.
DR (D-STAR Repeater) Function
The DR (D-STAR Repeater) function makes D-STAR communication simple. By only selecting a destination call sign in “To”, and a nearby repeater in “From”, you can talk with other D-STAR users. The call is automatically routed to the repeater destination the called user last accessed. Call sign routing enables you to call a selected person wherever they are. In addition, using the reflector function, you can talk through several repeaters at once.
RS-MS1A, Remote Control Application for Android
The RS-MS1A enables you to control the ID-51E PLUS2* with your Android device. You can see the location of repeater sites on a map application and set them to the ID-51E PLUS2. In addition, text messages and pictures can be sent and received with your Android device.
* The OPC-2350LU data cable is required to connect to an Android device. Please check the system requirements on the Google Play RS-MS1A page before installing the application.
DV Fast Data Mode*
By using data in place of voice frames, the ID-51E PLUS2 transfers data 3.5 times faster (3480 bps) than the conventional DV mode (with voice). Pictures taken by an Android device can be quickly transmitted in DV Fast Data mode.
* The DV Fast Data mode is not compatible with the DV mode low-speed data communication.
Integrated GPS Receiver
Shows your current position and altitude on the display and offers a position reporting function, in the DV mode. When receiving a call addressed to your call sign, the ID-51E PLUS2 can automatically send your current position information*1. Between ID-51E PLUS2’s communication, replied position information can pop up on the caller’s display. Using the integrated GPS*2 and repeater memories, the ID-51E PLUS2 searches for nearby DV or analogue FM repeaters.
*1 Function not available on all D-STAR networks.
*2 To use the Repeater Search function, the position data of the repeater is required. The ID-51E PLUS2 will be shipped with D-STAR repeater memories preprogrammed, but the position data of some D-STAR repeaters may not be entered or exact.
V/V, U/U, V/U Dualwatch
The dualwatch function can monitor VHF/VHF, UHF/UHF or VHF/UHF bands simultaneously.* The audio and squelch levels can be set separately for the main and sub-bands.
* DV/DV, AM/AM, FM-N/FM-N and DV/FM-N mode Dualwatch not available.
Independent AM/FM Receiver Other Functions
FM and AM broadcast stations can be listened to while using the dualwatch function. When an amateur radio band signal is received, the broadcast station is automatically muted.
Voice Memory Function*
The QSO recorder function records incoming and outgoing calls. The voice recorder function can record an off-line conversation. The recorded voice message can be repeatedly transmitted. (Up to 60 seconds × 1 channel)
* microSD card required.
microSD Card Slot 
When used with a microSD card (Up to 32 GB), you can store various content including voice memory, DV auto reply message, TX voice message, QSO log, RX history log and GPS log data. Memory channels, D-STAR repeater memories and other personal settings can be saved to the microSD card, and can be loaded into the ID-51E PLUS2.
Other Functions
• Compact and lightweight
• IPX7 waterproof construction (1m depth of water for 30 minutes)
• 5 W output power
• Free download CS-51PLUS2 programming software for editing various memory settings with a PC
• A total of 1304 memory channels, including 750 D-STAR repeater memories
• CTCSS/DTCS code squelch with split tone function
• 1750 Hz tone signal to access an FM repeater that requires it
• 16 DTMF memory channels (24 digits)
• Optional CT-17, CI-V level converter for remote radio control
• Squelch release function to monitor a weak signal
• External DC power jack
• Earphone cord antenna for FM broadcast receiving
• LCD and keypad backlighting
• VHF air band and other utility communication can be listened to
• Priority watch 
• High speed cloning
• Auto power save 
• Auto power off
• Clock function 
D-STAR Digital Voice and Data Communication
New Access Point Mode and Terminal Mode
Supplied with OPC-2350LU Data Cable
DR (D-STAR Repeater) Function
RS-MS1A, Remote Control Application for Android
DV Fast Data Mode
Integrated GPS Receiver
V/V, U/U, V/U Dualwatch
Compact, lightweight, waterproof body
Independent AM/FM Receiver
microSD Card Slot
AD-92SMA : Adapter
BC-202 : Rapid Desktop Charger
BP-271 : Li-Ion battery pack
BP-272 : Li-ion battery pack 
BP-273 : Battery case 
CT-17 : Interface
HM-153LS : Ear Microphone
HM-166LS : Earphone microphone 
HM-186LS : Speaker Microphone
HM-75LS : Speaker Microphone
HS-94 : Headset
HS-95 : Headset with Boom-mic
HS-97 : (Earphone with Throat-mic)
LC-179 : Carrying Case
OPC-2006LS : Adapter Cable
OPC-2144 : Adapter Cable
OPC-2350LU : Data Communication Cable
OPC-254/L : Cable
RS-MS1A : Android application
SJ-1 : Case
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