ID-31 Plus *Due April 2018*

ID-31 Plus *Due April 2018*
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*Due April 2018*
Easy to use and easy to use D - STAR 
® Introductory Model 
Function Increases and Power Up

Easy communication setting

Equipped with the latest DR function. You can communicate by setting the contact (repeater / personal station) to "To", the nearest repeater to "From".

The range of communication spreads with new functions

Access point mode · Terminal mode * compatible, you can enjoy long distance communication via the D - STAR repeater network without nearby repeater.

Optional data communication cable and special application <RS-MS 3 A / RS-MS 3 W> are required.

Transmission of images and texts is also comfortable

Cooperation with Android ® terminal * enables image and text transmission / reception, mapping and DR functions. With DV first data, it can communicate data 3.5 times faster than normal DV mode.

An optional data communication cable and a dedicated application <RS-MS1A> are required.

Waterproof, lightweight, compact and excellent mobility

Waterproof, lightweight, compact and excellent mobilityIPX7 of the highest standard * Since it is waterproof, it can operate without worrying about rain or splashed water. Ideal for carrying with the palm size that fits snugly into your pocket.

IPX 7: With the battery pack correctly installed, gently sink in 1 m water (static water at normal temperature), leave it for 30 minutes, then take out it and function as a radio.

Three color variations

A new design that shines with one-point color. You can choose from three colors of silver, gold and red.

D-STAR ® compliant DV (digital voice) mode

It corresponds to the digital voice (DV) mode in accordance with the standard method of D - STAR ® developed by JARL (Japan Amateur Radio Association) Comfortable communication is possible with clear unique voice only digital. Of course, operation with conventional analog (FM) is also possible.

DV / FM repeater automatic list up function

Automatic listing of 20 repeaters nearest to the built-in GPS. It is possible to set up a repeater to uplink just by selecting the repeater you want to use. In addition, you can select repeaters from the region and name. Since the repeater list is preinstalled, you can access the repeater smoothly even in the place you visited for the first time. If you have a microSD card, you can easily update the repeater list to the latest version.

Integrated high precision GPS receiver compatible with lift

A GPS receiver compatible with the quasi-zenith satellite system "MICHIBIKI" is installed. In digital mode, you can send and receive position information while talking. Various functions such as automatic position response information and GPS log function are realized.

Access point mode

Connect the ID-31PLUS from the Windows ® PC or Android ® terminal to the internet line and use it as the access point of D - STAR. Gateway communication can be done by accessing the access point with another D - STAR machine.
Access point mode

Terminal mode

Gateway communication is possible by connecting ID - 31 PLUS from a Windows ® PC or Android ®terminal to the Internet line.
Terminal mode

Operational precautions

·To operate in terminal / access point mode, you need internet line with IPv4 global IP address. 
 (If you are using a mobile phone line on an Android terminal, you need to give IPv4 global IP address to that terminal.)
·Packet communication charges will be generated when using carrier lines.
·Radio equipment on the access point side needs a different station license from the client side radio.
·Simultaneous access of multiple stations to the access point is not possible.
·Please observe the Radio Law at the time of operation.
For Internet / carrier lines, please contact your contract provider / carrier. 
A large amount of connection fee may be generated depending on contract terms.

PC compatible OS: Windows ® 7 or later
RS-MS 3W (free software) is required for using Windows ® PC
Android ® terminal compatible OS: Android 4.0 or later. USB host function is necessary.
RS-MS 3 A (free software) is required to use the Android ® terminal

Other features

  • It corresponds to all functions of DV function extension application RS - MS 1 A.
  • Equipped with a general voice recorder function.
  • Memory voice transmission function installed. (60 seconds x 1 ch) Repeatable.
  • GPS memory 200 channels (including altitude information).
  • Extended CI-V command such as GPS transmission mode / DV data transmission / GPS selection setting.
  • It is possible to use both GPS transmission mode and slow data communication (DV mode).
  • GPS output to devices other than PC such as IC-7100, IC-9100.
  • Communication log function that can be saved in CSV format.
  • Import and export of CSV data.
  • Supports extension of D-PRS reception, reception of fixed station / object / item / weather (DV mode).
  • Voltage display of 10 levels that can be confirmed even during operation.
  • Temporary scan skipping.
  • DTMF direct transmission function.
  • Transmission output 5 steps switching.
  • Total 1302 channels (Repeater for DR function is increased to 750 ch).
  • Speech function such as frequency, mode, call sign etc.
  • Maximum output 5 W.
  • Approximately 4.5 hours with attached battery  , BP-272 (optional) can operate about 8 hours  .
  • Communication recording / playback function.
  • Equipped with microSD card slot
  • Squelch forced release function.
  • Auto repeater function.
  • A variety of scanning functions including memory / bank scanning.
  • Equipped with 16 channels of 24-digit DTMF code memory.
  • 13 types of tuning steps.
  • CTCSS / DTCS function.
  • Tonsukechi / pocket beep ® function.
  • Split tone setting. Other
○ indicates newly added function (compared with conventional ID-31).
Transmission 1 minute: Reception 1 minute: Standby for 8 minutes (Power Save ON, in FM mode) Operation.


  • Antenna FA - S70B
  • Lithium-ion battery pack BP-271
  • Battery charger BC-167S
  • Belt clip MB-127
  • Hand strap
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