TH-D74E Digital (D-STAR) Dual Band Handie

TH-D74E Digital (D-STAR) Dual Band Handie
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No longer in production due to component shortages


 "APRS" & "D-STAR" handheld from Kenwood with HF-UHF SSB/CW Receive.    

APRS communication protocol that provides real-time data communication in both directions by applying the packet communication, corresponding to the APRS. Share of position information and local information using a GPS, such as a message exchange, communication using a variety of functions can be enjoyed in this unit alone.

IF Filtering and DSP
On Board IF filtering and DSP make this a great unit for monitoring HF/VHF in any ham's shack.


Partner station location information, weather station information.

Real-time information of its surroundings according to the GPS or the local station of the information that has been set in advance, travelling direction, rainfall, temperature, wind direction, wind speed, barometric pressure, humidity data in colour. And see all of that data for another station.


Station List.

Mobile station, base station, weather stations, you can store the stations and objects up to a maximum of 100 stations.


APRS Messages

It can send and receive real-time messages in the APRS operation. Panel key in the character input, or you can choose to send from the macos.

QSY function

Frequency and embedded in the beacon from the APRS station, the information such as the D-STAR repeater that is receiving can set audio channel of the FM or D-STAR is the possible quick QSY. D-STAR gateway communication will also be set automatically.



Built-in KISS mode TNC for APRS should be connected to any PC with a USB or Bluetooth, making an easy APRS base station.



Corresponds to the d-star digital amateur radio networks with voice and data modes. Simplex communication, communicate through a single Repeater, gateway communications repeater between a variety of operation from local to international communication is possible.


Easy, Free Programming Software for PC

Settings such as memories can be managed using the MCP-D74, or ARFC-D74 software downloadable from the Kenwood Website (After Product Launch)


Other features

·         1000 memory channel

·         1500 repeater list

·         Kanji, Katakana display

·         4 stage transmission output switching of (5/2 / 0.5 / 0.05W)

·         Voice Recording function (microSD / SDHC)

·         Voice messages (4ch)

·         Voice guidance

·         GPS receiver mode

·         Communication log (microSD / SDHC)

·         Scan (band, MHz, program, memory, memory group, CALL, priority, D-STAR repeater)

·         Memory channel lock-out

·         50 waves CTCSS / 104 DCS code

·         Cross tone

·         Meter type switching

·         Frequency direct input

·         DTMF memory (1 0 ch)

·         EchoLink dedicated DTMF memory (10ch)

·         FM radio mode

·         Empty line canceller (Train channel)

·         NAVITRA correspondence

·         Customizable power-on message and bitmap image

·         Waypoint output

·         Date and time display

·         Frequency step switching

·         shift

·         VOX

·         Auto repeater shift

·         monitor

·         Auto power off

·         Battery Save

·         Key lock

·         APRS lock

·         Memory shift

·         Key operation sound ON / OFF

·         Programmable function keys

·         Display language switching

·         Microphone sensitivity switching

·         LCD Dimmer 3 stage

·         Reset (VFO, Partial, Full)


TH-D74 accessories

Antenna, lithium-ion battery (7.4V / 1800mAh), AC adapter for charging, belt clip, instruction manual, warranty card

Download the user manual here
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Kenwood TH-D74
My first radio was a Trio handheld when I got licensed in 1983. I progressed to a Kenwood handheld and then sadly made lots of poor decision and was disappointed with the quality of devices I purchased. They just did not seem to be of a similar quality physically or operationally. The D74 is built exceptionally well, the screen is of a very high quality and the features it offers as a radio are extensive. I have recently configured the radio to operate the International Space Station using packet with great success simply using the stock antenna in my back garden. The radio does look complex and the menus take a little getting used to. The trick is to write down or download a simple guide and enter the menu reference to go directly to the settings you need to set. It is like anything once you get familiar its a breeze. Audio reports are excellent be this simplex or via repeaters. I personally enjoy DStar operating via a hotspot when I am travelling away in hotels. A great mode opening up all parts of the world. The quality is excellent and its good to have interesting discussions with people from all over the world and not feel pressurised to move on as its a DX station! I would strongly recommend the protective case and a spare battery. The battery is not the best in the world however with careful charging and discharge I get excellent results. This radio really does ooze quality and is so much fun to use, especially with regards to satellite / ISS operations. One other real benefit for those that are MAC book users there is a low cost application for updating memories and all other settings on this device simply by connecting to a USB port. (Windows version also available).


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