Wouxun KG-679EU - 70cm UHF Version

Wouxun KG-679EU - 70cm UHF Version
Part Number: WO-KG-679EU
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Handheld Two Way Radio KG-679EU - 70cm UHF Version

A very cost effective 70cm Handie complete with Li-Ion battery, charger, antenna and manual.

Main Features
  400-470MHz (70cm) with 128 memory channels 
. 8 groups scrambler 
. Channel name edit available
. Output power VHF 5W/1W   UHF 4W/1W
. High/Low power can changeable by top key
. VOX (Level adjustable)
. DTMF encoding and DTMF decoding
. 105 groups D.C.S/50 groups CTCSS
. DCS/CTCSS of RX and TX can be set respectively
. Reverse frequency function
. Busy channel lockout
. Distant alarm
. ANI (Caller ID)
. Multi scan mode (TO/CO/SE)
. Inspection, monitor, stun, kill and emergency alarm
. All calls, group calls and selective calls
. Calling ring and ring overtime auto answer
. Multi silent mode (QT/QTADT/QTXDT)
. Channel steps (5K/6.25K/10K/12.5K/25K)
. Wide/Narrow bandwidth selection (25KHz/12.5KHz)
Optional Features
. 5/2 tone and 1750Hz burst tone
. Priority scan
Remark: If the radio with above optional features, it will available 200 
memory channels and 1 group scrambler.
Super Features
. Digital FM radio with frequency display
. Three color LCD backlight display
. Frequency/Channel/Frequency+Channel display mode
. Voice guide (Chinese / English)
. Side key programmable
. Menu/Channel reset
. Keyboard lock (Auto/Manual)
. Wireclone function
. Programmable by computer
. Input frequency by using keypad
. PC software disable frequency input
. Come with 1300mAh/1700mah Li-ion battery and intelligent charger
Frequency Range                          UHF: 400-470    
Channel Capacity 128(200)
Channel Spacing 25/12.5KHz
Maximum Deviation ±5KHz to 25KHz     ±2.5KHz to 12.5KHz   
Frequency Stability ±2.0ppm
Operating Voltage 7.4V
Operating Temperature  -30¡æ¡«+60¡æ
Battery 1300/1700mAh(Li-ion)
Standby Current 50mA
Antenna Impedance 50Ω
Dimension(without antenna£¦battery(L×W×H) 105×63×38(mm)
Weight(with antenna£¦battery) 250g
RF Power Output   UHF:4W/1W    
Modulation 16K§æF3E/11K§æF3E
Spurious and Harmonious -36dBm£¼1GHz   -30dBm£¾1GHz
FM Noise 40dB
Adjacent Channel Power 70dB/60dB
Audio Distortion 5©‡
Sensitivity(12dB SINAD) 0.25μV
Selectivity 60dB
Intermodulation 60dB
Spurious Response Rejection 65dB/70dB
Audio Power Output 500mW
Audio Distortion 3©‡(0.5W)

Compare list of different configuration

KG-679E Main features The popular The upgrade The advanced
 Memory channels 128 128 200
 Scrambler available Optional 8 groups
 DTMF encoding and DTMF edcoding
 Output power VHF 5W/1W   UHF 4W/1W
 105 groups DCS/50 groups CTCSS
 Wide/Narrow bandwidth selection (25KHz/12.5KHz)
 ANI(Caller ID)
 TOT(Time-out timer)
 VOX (Level adjustable)
 Busy channel lockout(BCL)
 Reverse frequency function
 Distant alarm
 All calls, group calls and selective calls
 Channel steps(5K/6.25K/10K/12.5K/25K)
 Channel name edit available
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