MyDEL AnyTone AT-779V 2m Micro Mobile Transceiver

MyDEL AnyTone AT-779V 2m Micro Mobile Transceiver
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Sold out. No longer available. 

Special Offer - now comes complete with programming cable. 


VHF Starter File HERE

Brand new on to the market, this new Micro-sized 2m mobile is so small you won’t believe how tiny it is. Solid die-cast alloy construction and a full 15W output! 

Frequency: 136~174
• Output Power:15W/10W/5W
• 250channels
• CTCSS/DCS encode and decode
• Microphone
• Mounting bracket
• DC power cable with fuse holder


Freq: 2m

Modified range:  136-174MHZ   

Output power: 15W/10W/5W

250 channels

CTCSS/DCS/DTMF/2TONE/5TONE encode and decode

ANI function/PTT ID

Single Call, Group Call, Selective Call and Emergency call are all available

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Good Little Radio
Pre-ordered the 779v and when they arrived the programming cables didn't quite make it with the radio, no problem if you can program one of the other Chinese Radios then this is a doodle from the front panel. Built like a little tank and it does not feel as cheap as the price reflects, on air reports were good and opened my local Repeater 26 miles away on 5w, audio is ample for such a small unit and no issues in the car, shame the Mics not detachable, other than that a good unit for the car. Looks like a mini FT1802 and the display is big enough to use mobile.
Compared well with my ft-7900 in a "Head to head" Signal reports identical and received signals with an s point of each other. Loads of audio for mobile use (Hardly hifI from a rig smaller than a beer mat ! but good enough) Only down side is mic and power cables are hardwired which is a pity because the rig itself is easily pocketable if you don't wan to leave it in the car. and the mic is the size of a DTMF (which it isn't), nor is it a speaker mic and something smaller would be nice, Doesn't get too warm despite no fan
"In a head to head" with my ft7900r on 2m using same colinear for both rigs signal reports were identical and received signals were within an S point of each other. Didn't get more than warm despite no fan. Mic and power cable both hardwired which is a shame as otherwise the rig itself is pocketable. Handy when you don't want to leave it in the car.
Initial setup & test
Fistly you'll be shocked how small the AT-779v actually is unboxing, for me this was a good thing as it slips into the cubby box below the standard Car Radio and is at Eye Level. The Display looks like a Yaesu OPrange, and is large enough to see ok. As I Pre-Ordered mine I didn't get the offer of the program cable, but not a issue its a doodle to program from the front panel, and the same as all the Chinese radios like baofeng. First on air reports were good and hit my local repeater on 5w on a 1/4 wave mag mount, so no problems there, obviously the front end filter as all the Chinese radios is subject to a bit of overload if you near a Trunk Radio Signal on certain PMR frequencies but they all suffer from that this is no worse than a lot of Radios I've tested locally. Has CTCSS access for repeaters but no 1750 tone burst, but no problems whistling up those without CTCSS. First impression its built like a little tank and like a shrunk FT-1802/1900, works well and for the money works very well.
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