Icom IC-7100

Icom IC-7100
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The best remote head all mode all band radio on the planet!

Huge clear back-lit LCD touch-screen display and a heavilly weighted remote head so you won't chase it around your desk and it allows you to tuck the radio body out of the way. 

The IC-7100 is an HF+6m+4m+2m+70cm all mode compact radio with an innovative slanted touch-screen LCD controller. A first for an Icom transceiver, the IC-7100 is designed to operate on the 70MHz band in U.K version out of the box.  To maintain its commitment to D-STAR, all versions of the IC-7100 come with standard D-STAR DV mode. Supplied with HM-198 Microphone, remote control cable, DC lead and manual.  Add the LDG IT-100 auto tuner and you really have got a superb does it all 100W radio in a very compact package. 


Download below:

brochure (PDF)

Download the Advanced Manual clicking




Intuitive Touch Screen, Quick Response, Multi-band Radio

Finger Touch Operation

Intuitive Touch Screen Interface

The innovative touch screen interface provides quick and smooth operation for setting and editing various functions and memories.

Watch the touch screen video

One Touch Selection

For example, if you want to change the operating band, tap the frequency on the display. The band keys will be shown to select the operating band. Touching the multi-function meter indicator for 1 second will quickly change the transmit meter functions.

Straight Forward Operation

Just tap the mode, filter, function etc, you need to change. The touch screen responds naturally, changing your settings.

Software Keypad

Entering frequency, callsign or editing memory channels has never been this easy. The software keypad on the touch screen allows you to input alphanumeric characters incredibly quickly.

Innovative Design

Touch Screen Control Portal

The radio control head features a large, multi-function, "touch screen" dot-matrix LCD display that is positioned for easy view and operation. The controller is compact in size, making it ideal for limited vehicle or desktop space.

Resistive Touch Screen

The 48.6×75.9 mm in large resistive touch screen display can be operated even while wearing gloves.

Controller Mounted Speaker and Jacks

The unique remote head design is perfect for providing loud, clear audio as well as jacks for an external speaker/headphones as well as a key and microphone.

HF/50/70/144/430MHz Multi-band, Multi-mode

The IC-7100 fully covers the HF, 50, 70, 144, 430 MHz amateur bands in multiple modes, providing 100W on HF/50MHz bands, 50W on 70/144MHz bands and 35W on 430MHz band.

Digital Features Controlled by the IF DSP

32-bit floating point IF DSP
A high-performance 32-bit floating point IF DSP delivers rich digital signal processing features, including digital IF filter, digital twin PBT, noise reduction, CW auto tune, etc. Those digital features work on all bands from HF to V/UHF bands.

DSP Controlled AGC Function Loop

The digital signal processing is incorporated into the AGC function loop. The results of signal processing provide feedback to the AGC function. The AGC function works on the intended signal and produces a constant audio output. The AGC time constants are flexibly adjustable from slow, middle, fast (or AGC off) for each operating mode.

AGC function loop

D-STAR DV Mode (Digital Voice + Data)

The IC-7100 provides D-STAR DV mode digital voice and low speed data communication.

DR (D-STAR Repeater) Mode Operation

DR mode display
The DR mode operation makes the D-STAR operation simple and straight forward, even if you are new to D-STAR operation.

Near Repeater Function

DR mode display
With an external, 3rd party GPS*, search the internal database based on your location.

* External GPS receiver or manual data input required.

SD Memory Card Slot for Saving Data

SD memory card slot
When used with an SD card, the SD card can store various contents including voice memory, memory channels, D-STAR repeater memories and other personal settings can be saved to the SD card and can be loaded to the transceiver.

Easy Vehicle Mounting with Optional MBF-1

The combination of the optional MBF-1 suction cup mounting base and MBA-1 controller bracket provides easy tilt and swivel adjustments for mobile operation. The large suction cup can mount to dashboards or other flat surfaces and can be removed easily.

Optional RS-BA1 IP Remote Control Software

The optional RS-BA1 software allows you to operate the IC-7100 from a remote PC over the Internet or local home network.


Built-in RTTY Functions

The built-in RTTY decoder allows you to instantly read an RTTY message on the display. No external TNC or PC required for reading. The eight RTTY memories can memorize and transmit often used RTTY sentences. The RTTY memory is 70 character per memory channel.

Other Features

  • CW full break-in, CW receive reverse, CW auto tuning
  • Optional multi-function microphone, HM-151
  • Band scope and SWR graphic display
  • RF speech compressor controlled by the DSP
  • Voice memory function
  • Multi-function Meter
  • 495 regular, 4 call, 6 scan edge and 900 DR mode repeater channels
  • 4 channels TX voice memories
  • ±0.5ppm frequency stability
  • Auto reply function*
  • Digital callsign squelch and digital code squelch*
  • 12kHz IF output for DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) receive
* D-STAR DV mode only

Supplied accessories (* May differ depending on version)

  • Hand microphone, HM-198
  • DC power cable
  • CW keyer plug
  • Spare fuses
  • Separation cable, OPC-2253
  • 13-pin plug ACC cable
  • USB cable
  • Ferrite bead*

Rear Panel View (Main unit)


Frequency coverage*1 Receiver:

WFM(Rx only)
No of memory channels 495 regular, 4 call, 6 scan edges,
900 D-STAR repeater channels
Antenna connector SO-239×2
(one each for HF/50/70MHz and 144/430MHz, 50Ω)
Operating Temp. range −10°C to +60°C
Frequency stability ±0.5ppm
(0°C to +50°C @ 430MHz)
Power supply requirement 13.8V DC ±15%
Current drain
(at 13.8V DC)
22A (HF/50/70MHz)
16A (144/430MHz)

1.2A/0.9A (Max. audio/standby)
projections not included)
Main unit
167×58×225 mm

165×64×78.5 mm
Main unit
2.3 kg

0.5 kg
*1Showing EUR(#03) version. Varies according to version.
*2Some frequency bands are not guaranteed.


Output power
(at 13.8V DC)
HF/50MHz: 2–100W
70MHz: 2–50W
144MHz: 2–50W
430MHz: 2–35W

HF/50MHz: 1–30W
70MHz: 1–15W
Modulation system SSB:
Digital P.S.N. modulation

Digital low power modulation

Digital phase modulation

GMSK digital phase modulation
Spurious emissions Less than −50dB (HF bands)
Less than −63dB (50MHz)
Less than −60dB (70/144/430MHz)
Carrier suppression More than 50dB
Unwanted sideband More than 50dB


Intermediate frequencies SSB/CW/AM/FM/RTTY/DV:
124.487MHz, 455kHz, 36kHz

134.732MHz, 10.700MHz
Sensitivity (HF: Preamp-1 ON, 50/70MHz: Preamp-2 ON,
144/430MHz: Preamp ON)

1.8–29.995MHz: 0.15μV
50MHz: 0.12μV
70MHz: 0.15μV
144/430MHz: 0.11μV

0.5–1.8MHz: 13μV
1.8–29.995MHz: 2μV
50MHz: 1μV
70MHz: 1μV
144/430MHz: 1μV

28–29.7MHz: 0.5μV
50–54MHz: 0.25μV
70MHz: 0.25μV
144/430/440MHz: 0.18μV

28–29.7MHz: 1μV
50MHz: 0.63μV
70MHz: 0.63μV
144/430MHz: 0.35μV

76–108MHz: 10μV
Selectivity SSB (BW=2.4kHz, sharp):
More than 2.4kHz / −6dB
Less than 3.4kHz / −40dB

CW (BW=500Hz, sharp):
More than 500Hz / −6dB
Less than 700Hz / −40dB

RTTY (BW=500Hz):
More than 500Hz / −6dB
Less than 800Hz / −40dB

AM (BW=6kHz):
More than 6.0kHz / −6dB
Less than 10kHz / −40dB

FM (BW=15kHz):
More than 12kHz / −6dB
Less than 22kHz / −40dB

DV (12.5kHz spacing):
More than −50dB
Spurious and image rejection ratio More than 70dB (HF/50/70MHz)
More than 65dB (144/430MHz)
(except 1/2 IF through on 50/70MHz,
IF through on 144MHz)
Audio output power More than 2.0W
(10% distortion, 8Ω load, 13.8V DC)

(10 reviews)Write a review
Not much to say that hasn't already been said. The radio is an awesome piece of kit and the very fact that the head is so compact and can be placed virtually anywhere is an absolute bonus. Yes, it can be pushed around with a heavy hand, but a wee bit of Blutak sorts that out in a flash. If you don't have much room in the shack or the Station Manager is sick of big rigs everywhere, this is the one for you. The touch-screen menu system is amongst the most intuitive I've ever come across. Love it! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
ICOM 7100
I bought the radio 10 months ago and as usual the service from M Lynch was super. The radio on the UHF and VHF bands give me excellent audio reports and the power output is exactly what is claimed. The receive side of the UHF/VHF bands on received signals is slightly down on my FDM400 and par with my 20 years old Yaesu FT8900 which is a little dissapointing. On H.F. the radio performs very well on both TX and RX. I cant get used to the head unit at all as it is so easy to knock it and move it when using the controls. If you ask me if after using it for 10 months would I still buy it my answer would be NO and I would probably go for the IC7300. The preamp on VHF and UHF increases the noise far more than the signal so I find it better to leave off all the time. If you are intersted in one I suggest trying to find a local amateur owner to let you try it on air first. Ken G3SPX
IC7100 User Review
I bought my IC7100 from Tony at ML&S and I've not been disappointed! First class transceiver with all-band operation, high sensitivity and D-Dstar /DV features, as well as useful GPS, Voice Recorder, Memo, SD Card and full control of RF output and Mic gain. Superlative sensitivity across all bands and absolutely cracking audio in all modes. As a discerning user, I would highly recommend this unit as a great all-rounder. Fantastic service from ML&S!
Icom 7100
thank you Richard for recommending this radio, for my set up here at home, I have found the 7100 to be one of the best radio's I have ever owned, totally love it, easy to use, all menu's very easy to action and the receive and transmit quality is very good, any one looking for a new radio should take a very close look at the Icom 7100 I can't praise it enough.
Icom 7100 - Outstanding!
Firstly, I have been a fan of Yaesu for as long as I can remember but having had a loan of an Icom 7100 for a few days, it was a no brainer to get one. The general ease of use is excellent. Far better than I thought it was going to be. The menu system is very easy to use and if you want a radio that does everything, this is the one for you. It performance on HF is excellent. Coupled with the ability to work on 4m, 2m and 70cm, it really is an excellent choice of radio for someone looking for "shack in a box" that takes up very little real estate on the bench. The sound quality is exceptional, along with the option of changing received audio. It just works. And I mean that it just does everything flawlessly. An excellent choice if you want a no nonsense, easy to use radio that will give years of service. The look of the radio takes a bit of getting used to, but believe me, it's a cracking radio in all respects and certainly glad I forked out the dosh to buy. To sum it up in one word: Outstanding!
I was reluctant to buy this radio, I'm a 'Yaesu Man'. Was going to wait for the Yaesu FT-991 but with DStar and 4m I decided to bite the bullet. My main radio is an FTdx-3000 so I purchased the IC-7100 mainly for V/UHF. I have to say from the ads I did not like the look of it, a face only a mother could love and it was a serious reason for my not wanting one. Now it's on my desk I love it, it's compact, well laid out with a sharp, functional display, I've fallen in love. V/UHF performance is adequate, not quite as sensitive as my FT8900 but not far off. With the pre-amp in I get an S 3-4 noise level on 2m, I remember the same on my old IC-7400. Not really an issue though, turn off the pre-amp. I work the local repeaters no issue, some of which are on an S 2-3. I get great audio reports from everyone. Not tried D-Star as there is no coverage near me. Upon receipt I set it all up, programmed 250 memories and used the various Rx functions without opening the manual, very intuitive to use and no endless sub menus. I didn't buy it for HF use but I have to say I'm stunned. It's not even in the same ball park as IC706, 7000, 7400, 746, FT 857, 847, TS2000 etc. which I have owned. It is awesome, side by side with my FT-3000 I'm not sure I need the 3000 anymore ! Okay, so as signals drop and noise rises the FT-3000 stands out but there was nothing I couldn't hear on the 7100 that the 3000 heard and at 5/9 there was no noticeable difference. If you can only afford one radio to cover 160 to 70 then there is nothing that comes close. Mine came with the HM151 which gets great reports despite some of the negative reviews, a Martin Lynch also threw in an SP35L which really brings out the audio, I'm amazed that such a small speaker performs so well (mind you it weighs as much as a house brick). Only downside for me is that you can scan only one bank at a time, I'd like to scan all or have a bank link option. I'm not easily impressed but this radio really is amazing. Like I said, stunned. Thanks to Lynch's for the great service as always.
Ordered Monday arrived Tuesday brilliant. Now getting my head round it , and for me thats not easy . Need to figure out how to use my SSTV with it , and one or two other things . Apart from my shortcomings a brilliant rig . Well happy !
Excellent Rig for the money everything for everyone
The CW and QRP perspective (GU3TUX)
First impressions are very positive. I easily got the set up and running without reference to the manual. Familiarity with the IC-703 and 706 and your informative video about the 7100 no doubt helped, though. Being an iPad user also means that the set's touch screen does not present any problems. I find that I am most successful in activating the pads using my little finger rather than the index digit. Just a few highlights from my short experience.... CW QSK is very good. I wondered at first if I was actually transmitting when I operated the key as the switching is so clean. The keying relays are not particularly noisy. The NR action on CW is very effective indeed and actually lifts the signal out of the noise with little degradation. This is much better than any similarly priced rig I have used in recent times. The touch screen makes the operating controls easily accessible vs the rather convoluted system of the 703 and 706. The inability to access the 5MHz and 70MHz bands other than through the general coverage button is overcome by setting up frequencies/modes from both bands into memory. Indeed, I have always found that the best way of band changing on these rigs (703/706) is to memorise, say, a CW and an SSB frequency for each of the bands you regularly use and just use the memories as a band switch. The memories and memory banks could not be easier to use and have instant access by front panel controls. My only comment is that it might be helpful to have a separate memory/VFO button or on screen pad rather than the current location in menu 1. I was also impressed by the AF output which seems totally free from digital buzzes and crackling, particularly at low levels, even when using headphones. Also, minimum volume = zero audio - so often not the case with other rigs. The RF power output control being calibrated in percentage of maximum available on the band in use is, for me, a new concept. This obliges you to remember the maximum for each band and then do the arithmetic. There could be errors.... Checking on HF suggests that selecting 5 per cent does in fact give 5W, the QRP limit. I'll leave it to Peter Hart to carry out a more detailed analysis. The RX performance seems entirely adequate for my needs, but it will be interesting to hear it under contest conditions. Again, Peter Hart will make a competent analysis. VHF sensitivity seems good and I can hear the GB3BAA beacon on 4m using just a 50MHz dipole in the loft.
M0IDR Wythall Radio Club
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