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11200MHz Digital Transceiver, D Star compatible.
The ID-1 is a dedicated D-Star mobile for 23cm. The ID-1 was the first product available for D-STAR and can operate in both Digital Voice and Digital Data Mode. The ID-1 includes 105 alphanumeric memory channels and full PC control via the USB port. The ID-1 supports a 10BASE-T Ethernet cable for 128k DATA operation. The ID-1 has an operating frequency range of 1240-1300 MHz, with FM and GMSK (Digital) modulation formats providing clear voice and high-speed data transmission (128kbps).

- D-STAR is a new ham radio system which offers digital voice and data communication. It connects repeater sites over microwave links and the Internet and forms a wide area ham radio network. The D-STAR system provides a new capability and functionality to the ham radio world and increases the efficiency of emergency communications.

The D-STAR system provides not only digital voice (DV mode) communication but also digital data transmission (DD mode). It can exchange various data files such as graphics, images, etc, at 128kbps.

- No matter where you travel within the DSTAR network, you can access the web, e-mail, text messages and multimedia messages.

- In DD mode, ID-1 can transfer data directly with another ID-1 without the use of a repeater. This is useful for establishing a simple network where a D-STAR repeater does not exist or D-STAR services are not required.

- The controller software is supplied with the ID-1. When the ID-1 is connected to a PC via a USB cable, most functions of the ID-1 can be controlled from the PC. In DD mode operation (Ethernet port is required), you can browse web sites and send and receive e-mail as if the ID-1 is a 10W wireless network adapter.

- The ID-1 embeds your own and the called station's callsign in your transmission. When you input "CQCQCQ" as the intended station, you can make a CQ call in the area. The calling station's ID is displayed on the received station and a newly received callsign can be automatically stored in the memory.

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  • Microphone
  • Ethernet cable coupler
  • USB extension cable (1.5 m; 4.9 ft)
  • Ethernet cable (3 m; 9.8 ft)
  • Remote controller (RC-24) (Optional for some versions)
  • Mic extension cable (2.5 m; 8.2 ft) (Optional for some versions)
  • External speaker, SP-22
  • DC power cable

    System requirements for controller software>
    Microsoft® Windows® 98/98SE/Me/2000/XP
    USB Port
    Ethernet port (for DD mode operation)
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