Kenwood RC-D710 Control Panel

Kenwood RC-D710 Control Panel
Part Number: RC-D710E
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The APRS Upgrade for your transceiver.
This is the complete front panel from the TM-D710E, with its built-in AX25 Packet TNC, sold as a separate unit.

It will connect to the following current and previous Kenwood transceivers, TM-V71E, TM-D700E, TM-G707E, TM-V7E, TM-733E, TM-255E and TM-455E (plus of course any TM-D710E).

As a control head only, it will add all the TM-D710E's packet/APRS/DX-Cluster functionality to the donor transceiver but obviously the RF specifications of the radios won't be upgraded/changed in any way.

- Built-in 1200/9600bps TNC
- APRS (Automatic Packet/position Reporting System) ready
- Connects via optional interface kit (PG-5J) to a transceiver to enable APRS
- Provides full control of Kenwood's TM-V71E & TM-D710E
- Replaces TM-V71E control panel to enable all TM-D710E features
- Packet data output/input using PC
- NMEA-0183 GPS receiver ready
- APRS weather station ready
- APRS configuration possible on PC running MCP-2A
- Memory Control Program (requires PG-5G)
- Large full dot-matrix LCD with 2 backlight colors
- Firmware upgrading (requires PG-5G)

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- NMEA-0183 GPS receiver ready
- APRS weather station ready
- APRS station list (up to 100)
- APRS message transmission/reception
- Waypoint position data output
- Packet monitor
- DX cluster
- Date/Time
- 8-pin mini-DIN socket for PC connection (requires optional PG-5G programming cable)
- Firmware upgrading possible
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