Kenwood TM-D710GE

Kenwood TM-D710GE
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  • New model with built-in GPS unit
  • Dual Receive on the same band
  • Built-in TNC & APRS® Ready
  • 1,000 Memory Channels
  • Separate Panel with Extra-Large 2-Colour
  • Multiple Scan & Visual Scan
  •  Switchable Backlight LCD & 
  • Built-in CTCSS/DCS
  •  Multifunction Key Display
  • EchoLink® Memory
  • High RF Power Output
  • EchoLink® NODE TERMINAL Operation

Built in the control panel in a GPS unit that is essential when performing APRS operation at the mobile station., GPS logger function, mark waypoints function, target point function, automatic time correction function is equipped.  

GPS satellite information
GPS logger function  
Log memory
  Save to the built-in memory the location information of the 5000 points. Timing of the saved can be specified from three time interval, travel distance, the beacon transmission point (for example, if a 10-second interval specified, can be recorded about 14 hours). Also in the memory control program MCP-6A, you may be able to convert it to kml file format corresponding to the map service Google EarthTM the GPS log information.
Up to 100 can be registered mark waypoints  
Mark waypoints
  You can be registered in one-touch (latitude, longitude, altitude, time, name, icon) the point of location registration information currently available up to 100. You can also edit the information icon and name in the mark waypoint list.
Target point function  
Target point display North up 
(north) target point display heading up (traveling way better)

  View in real time the direction and distance to the (Up to preset up to five) target point. In addition to North up (north), can be switched at the touch of a button as well (how to improve progression) heading up the straightforward direction display.
Grid Square Locator display function
  It is equipped with a convenient to move during operation, the grid square locator display function of station position.
Automatic time correction
  Using the GPS, built-in clock required for various operational and automatically adjust to the correct time.
Packet communication easily with built-in TNC
The built-in TNC of AX.25-compliant (Terminal Node Controller), it is possible to operate APRS full-scale, of Nabitora body only. You can also packet communication of 1200/9600bps, as well as operation of IGate station just to be connected directly to the PC.  
The operation node stations IGate stations, of EchoLink with a simple configuration.
Development of a program in cooperation with Bob Bruninga APRS is a developer of (WB4APR) Mr., corresponding to the APRS system. By taking advantage of the GPS unit and this program, APRS operation multifunctional is possible even without a PC. You can share the information location, direction / distance, such as weather information, you can also exchange messages.can be used for an external GPS unit.
Station list  
Call sign display order and sort settings display
  It can hold up to 100 stations up to station mobile station, base station, weather stations, such as objects, you can limit the receiving station type by the filter function. The (1km less than 10m in display units) can also sort in order of distance call sign, time of arrival, and the local station.
Location information  
Position information display
  Distance between the mobile station can also be displayed from the station information to be shared the latitude / longitude / altitude / movement speed and direction, it receives.
Message function  
Message display
  I can send and receive messages on the APRS between stations.ease of use in mobile operation.Receive a message from a particular station can see instantly by special call function.
Weather information display  
Weather information display to catch a variety of real-time information in the APRS.
  Receives the data of the Bureau of Meteorology and displays the wind direction / wind speed / temperature / rainfall / humidity / pressure..'s Peet Bros, connection only (only some models) the meteorological equipment of Davis's, can enjoy also easy operation of the Bureau of Meteorology further.
Stand-alone digipeater function
  You can use the TM-D710G alone, to operate as a digipeater station. It is possible in various situations, such as outdoors, also supports data communication from the location of the basin, such as a relay station to occasional can be configured, surrounded by mountains.
QSY function
  It allows frequency information embedded in the beacon from the APRS station, tone, such as shift, to set one-touch audio channels TM-D710G, quick QSY is possible.
  SmartBeaconing is a feature that based on the data in the traveling direction and movement speed, sending a beacon of station location information efficiently. Because or varying the transmission time interval according to the moving speed, or to send a beacon by detecting the corner, it can leave a recorded near the travel route actually a small beacon number.
APRS lock function
  I prevent erroneous operation of APRS in operation.
In EchoLink Sysop mode function, the operation node stations.
You can easily set up a node stations EchoLink by connecting with TM-D710G, and PC with the EchoLink software .Simultaneous operation of the node stations and EchoLink digital Peter and IGate station also possible.

※ 1: PG-5H option is required for connection.

※ 2: If you are connected to the personal computer and the TNC in packet mode, in addition to the PG-5H for use with EchoLink Sysop mode, serial communication cable (PG-5G) is also required.

Easy access, EchoLink memory node stations.
Can be registered node number and call sign, and control commands to EchoLink DTMF-only memory of up to 10. The call sign · DTMF automatic conversion feature, can be done with a simple operation or "Connect by call" also "Query by call".Can also manage EchoLink memory in MCP-6A further. In the case of the only access to the EchoLink node stations from the radio, you do not need to register the call sign and dedicated software.
Operability is improved by large separate expression panel.
View the function of each key on the LCD panel of a large separate formula that emphasizes the freedom of establishment and operability. I can access smoothly to various functions. In addition, large display that employs a full dot matrix LCD, LCD backlight can be selected from two color amber, green. We have included a panel mounting base Base Stand, two panel angle, on the table for the vehicle further.

With (V × V, U × U) features two wave simultaneous reception the same band.
In addition to the two simultaneous reception wave function of 430MHz band and 144MHz band, two wave simultaneous reception of the same band is also available.
Memory control program support (MCP-6A).
Memory control program MCP-6A 1 ※ Using the, you can set APRS / Nabitora and memory channel, EchoLink of various functions, and data creation, editing, management and custom startup screen on the PC ※ 2 . The PC connection terminal, located in two places located at the rear of the back panel, can be used to suit your investment style.

※ 1: MCP-6A can be downloaded scheduled to start in Kenwood Web site mid-November 2013.

※ 2: PG-5H or PG-5G of the option is required to connect to a PC.

It is equipped with a sky line signal canceller three kinds of wide band reception function
118 ~ 524MHz  , 800 ~ 1300MHz  It is equipped with a broadband receiver functions. In addition, to help train radio reception, the sky line signal canceller supports three types of tone.

※ I except for some frequency.

The voice guide / voice storage response by VGS-1.
(Can read the contents of the APRS menu) that can be found in the voice announcement keystrokes by attachment of the VGS-1 option. In addition, it is always possible recording of up to 30 seconds and voice messages.
More Features
  • High power 50W (TM-D710GS)
  • 1000 channel memory of the room
  • Can be set arbitrarily (VFO, program, MHz, memory, memory group, CALL, tone, CTCSS, DCS), the scan pause time of 9 species.
  • Equipped with backlit keypad microphone MC-59
  • The default setting can be programmable memory of five minutes
  • DCS in 104 (digital code squelch)
  • Cross tone
  • Knob A / B band independent Vol / SQL
  • Packet monitor
  • DX cluster
  • Clock (Date / Time)
  • TNC for external 6-pin mini DIN terminal
  • (PG-5H or programming cable PG-5G optional required for PC connection) and two with a PC connection for 8-pin mini DIN terminal
  • Panel PF key assigned to frequently used functions (PF1, PF2)
  • Band mask function that does not display the frequency band that does not use
  • Call channel function
  • S-meter squelch and squelch hang time
  • Monitor function
  • Mute function
  • Auto power off function
  • MHz mode
  • Frequency step switching
  • Shift function
  • Setting the offset width
  • Reverse
  • Auto repeater offset
  • Automatic Simplex Checker
  • (10 channels, 16 digits) DTMF memory
  • Time-out timer function
  • Key lock
  • Password protection
  • Memory shift
  • Programmable VFO
  • Key operation sound ON / OFF Volume Control
  • Mike program function
  • Channel display mode
  • Custom startup
  • Power-on message
  • LCD brightness
  • Auto brightness
  • A / B Band external speaker switching
  • Reset (VFO, PART, PM, FULL)
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It is a pity
Last week I bought a new Kenwood TM-D710G. I'm very happy with this new version because it has a built-in GPS for APRS. And I was so happy when I saw that you can program the transceiver using the display. But what a pity, the joy was short-lived. The display can be programmed only if it is connected to the transceiver. (mounted in the car) A missed opportunity Kenwood. Another missed opportunity is that programming via cable SubD? While there are no computers are sold with SubD connector. Everything is now USB! It is a pity ................. Jan / pd0hni
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