Wouxun KG-UV950PL (FREE PROGRAMMING CABLE) - Quad Band Mobile Radio 4/6/2/70

Wouxun KG-UV950PL (FREE PROGRAMMING CABLE) - Quad Band Mobile Radio 4/6/2/70
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Not currently available. New version coming soon!

*** Now with 4m! ***   **FREE PROGRAMMING CABLE**

Up to 50W (band dependent). This unique Quadband mobile/base from Wouxun available now. Bands covered are 4m / 6m / 2m / 70cm.

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Wouxun KG-950PL – Early Impressions.  Andy Norrie  GM1MQE.

When the Wouxun KG-950PL came out it was just what I wanted. With two of them you can do in-band repeater as well as cross band. The set comes very complete, unlike some others. There is a remote head with cable as well as two plates to mount the head on. One is vertical while the other allows the head to be angled upwards. The only thing you might require is a programming cable. The set seems sensitive but I did not have equipment to test it. I was surprised how good the AM reception was and could pick up Glasgow Airport Approach easily.

The programming software has some problems. I have not been able to insert a channel or delete it. To delete you just enter spaces. I could not get cut and paste to work. The print function is poor. It does not print the very bottom of the characters and you cannot change the print font although you can change the display font. It puts way too many lines on the page to read easily.Make sure you get a genuine programming cable as many of the cables have a clone chip which will no longer work with the Prolific device drivers.

The repeater function is easy to set up. All it takes is to change a couple of the menu values, depending if you are using one set or two for repeating. The programming socket is also used for two set repeating and I had no problems in setting it up. You need to use one of the supplied cables which have a “cross over” in the pins. I used the short supplied cable with a short extension network cable.

In the box you get the radio and remote head and microphone. There are one long and one short cable to attach the head on the main unit or remotely. The power cable is a good length and is fused. There are also a packet of screws, microphone holder and mounting bracket. The microphone has a keypad as well so you do not need to buy another microphone to get a keypad.

My setup has both base units under the driver’s seat in my Land Rover Defender, with the head units on the dashboard. I have only one gripe. There are two audio output sockets on the base unit for the A and B band, but there is no accessable combined audio except in the microphone, so I need four speakers, as the output from the internal speaker in the microphone unit does not give enough volume for my noisy Defender. Perhaps they could be persuaded to fix this! I might get a small audio mixer for four channels and fit that with an amplifier so all the output can go to one speaker. As a temporarily fix I bought four 35mm speakers rated at 2 watts but I think I will have to go down the audio mixer route to get the volume I want.

Having six, four, two and seventy cm bands is great but the only aerials I can find do not do four bands so I have to carry two extra, but normally I do not need all four bands. The main use for these sets is in an emergency. I am a member of a local 4x4 group that Police Scotland can call out when they need vehicles that can go off road or through floods and snow. The radios are essential for communications for this. We are alerted via SMS messages when we are needed, then we use amateur sets to organise things.

I have three things I would like changed - an index at the back of the manual saying what the acronyms are, and I would really like a combined audio out from the A and B side to install a single remote speaker. Sort out the programming software problems please.

I am very happy with these sets and they are also excellent value for money, and add to that the support from Martin Lynch was excellent. The only thing to watch out for is that there are two versions for these sets - KG-950P and the KG-950PL. The "PL" set has the 6M/4M/2M/70cm bands and these are the type I have and I think are only available from Martin Lynch. Thanks to Sanderly for answering all my questions.

Wouxun KG-UV950's fitted to Landie:

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4m/6m/2m/70cm all in one? Who'd have thought.....
I'm loving this little radio. It's not perfect but the KG-UV 950PL is an amazing radio for the money. The only downside is that there's no quad band mobile antenna to fit. For me that's a big downer. Please Mr Lynch, can you commission one?
Wouxun KG-UV950PL
have to say for the price you cannot go wrong but would suggest getting the programing software and lead makes things a lot easier
KG-UV950PL - If in doubt...buy one.
I got mine yesterday, and I'm liking it a lot. Good quality construction. A better 'fit' for the UK market than the normal 10/6/2/70 I feel. It is not a 3rd party re-work but a special commission from the factory by MLS, so you wont see it anywhere else. Fired it up on 4m first and a local came back with "you've got a new rig. Sounds miles better than that PMR box". The rig has broadcast FM radio coverage too, which surprised me. A few of the menu options (that we wont need) give away its ancestry in the commercial market, but that is no bad thing when it comes to the build quality. The rig is so new that the manual supplied is the one for the 'P' version, but read 70Mhz for every reference to 28MHz and you'll be fine. I was wary of buying sight-unseen, but I'm really pleased with it. A leap of faith for MLS but I'm sure the sales will make it worthwhile. DAVID - G3ZPF
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