Yaesu FTM-3100DE

Yaesu FTM-3100DE
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144MHz 65W FM Single Band Analog Mobile Transceiver

Rugged & Compact 2m Analog Mobile with Front Speaker

Radio Features:
- 65/ 30/ 5 W RF Power Output
- Heavy Duty Heat Sink with FACC Funnel Air-Convection Conductor (Wind Tunnel)
- Loud 3W Audio for Noisy Enviroments with the Front Speaker
- Expanded Receiver Coverage: 136 - 174 MHz
- 220 Memory Channels with Alpha-Numeric Tags (Maximum 8 Characters)
- CTCSS(50 tones) and DCS(104 codes) Encode/Decode, with Split Tone and DCS Encode-Only Capability
- Tone/ DCS Search Scanning
- DCS Code Inversion
- Memory Only Mode
- Separate Transmit Frequency Memories ("Odd Splits")
- Time-Out Timer
(-T AOuTt)omatic Power-Off (APO)
- Busy Channel Lock-Out (BCLO)
- Rugged, High-Output Power 65W Amplifier with Efficient Die-Cast Chassis
- Bright Multi-Colored Status Indicator Vibrantly Displays the Transceiver's State

Following on the recent introduction of the new VHF C4FM/FM mobile FTM-3200DE, we are very pleased to
announce a VHF FM mobile transceiver - the FTM-3100E.
The new FTM-3100E is a VHF conventional FM mobile transceiver that has all the features the FTM-3200DE has,
except C4FM Digital mode.
The features include a ruggedly built yet compact VHF mobile transceiver, offering Yaesu’s legendary mechanical
toughness and high output power of up to 65 Watts. This new mobile is equipped with a heavy-duty heat sink that
includes an extraordinary FACC; Funnel Air-Convection Conductor (Wind Tunnel). The FACC gathers cool air
through a wide open front air-intake and concentrates the air flow to the critical final amplifier area drawn by a rear
cooling fan.
Thanks to its 3 Watts Front Panel Speaker, you can enjoy superior sound quality and stress-free communications –
even in noisy and harsh environments.
Like other ever-popular Yaesu VHF mobiles, the expanded receiver coverage of the FTM-3100E is 136 – 174MHz, and
provides 220 memory channels with 8 Alpha-numeric Tags consisting of 199 “Regular” memories, one “Home” channel
for a favorite frequency or repeater pair, and 10 sets of band-edge memories. This new mobile is very easy to operate.
For instance, when rapid channel selection simplicity is desired, you can utilize the “Memory Only Mode” feature to
select channels you programmed without any VFO operation. You will also enjoy using the four programmable keys on
the supplied microphone that allow one-touch access to your favorite command functions such as “Recall Home
Channel,” “Scan Operation,” “Set the TX Power,” and “Open Squelch.” The commands available with the
microphone replicate the corresponding front panel functions.
Other practical functions standard in the FTM-3100E include: CTCSS/DCS encode/decode with split Tone and DCS
encode-only capability; RF Squelch circuit that allows the operator to set the squelch to open at a programmed setting
of the S-Meter; a transmit Time-Out-Timer (TOT); Automatic Power-Off (APO); Automatic Repeater Shift (ARS);
Busy Channel Lock-Out (BCLO); Separate Transmit Frequency Memories (“Odd Splits”); and a bright multi-colored
LED State Indicator on the faceplate. This Indicator LED visibly and clearly informs the operator about the current
state of the transceiver with a two-color combination on the upper and lower portions. For example: when receiving
audio, Green is illuminated on both portions but when receiving signals with unmatched tone frequency or DCS code or
receiving a signal level less than the RF Squelch S-meter level setting, the indicator in the lower portion blinks in Blue.
Supplied Accessories:
DTMF Microphone MH-48A6JA
USB Cable
Mounting Bracket
DC Power Cord w/Fuse
Operating Manual
Safety Guide
Warranty Card
Frequency Ranges: RX 136 - 174 MHz
(specified performance, Amateur band only)
TX 144 - 146 MHz
(Amateur band only)
Circuit Type: Double-Conversion Superheterodyne
Modulation Type: F3E
RF Power Output: 65 W/30 W/5 W
Channels: 220
Case Size(W x H x D): 154 x 43 x 155 mm w/o Knobs
Weight (Approx.): 1.3 kg
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