Yaesu FTM-400XDE Dual Band Transceiver

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Yaesu FTM-400XDE Dual Band Transceiver
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The Yaesu FTM-400XDE is a Duoband transceiver for 144/430 MHz with the new C4FM/FDMA Digital Mode.
With his new FTM-400XDE Yaesu provides for the first time a mobile device with the Digital Mode C4FM. In addition, this radio thanks to the Yaesu Dual Mode system, of course can transmit in Analog FM.The FTM-400XDE has a 3.5-inch colour touch screen. The Transceiver is controlled with this touch screen. The number of control buttons is reduced to 4 buttons and keys. All important settings are selected directly by pressing on the display.
The FT-400DE supports 3 Digital and 1 Analog Mode.
  • The V/D mode transmits voice and data at the same time slot. In this time slot in addition to the voice data, the GPS data, the ID data is sent together. These data includes the call data for error correction and stabilize the Voice transmissione. The V/D Mode is the basic mode in C4FM FDMA digital amateur radio
  • The Data FR Mode is for full rate Data Transmission. The transfer of large amounts of data such as text messages, pictures and voice notes is in this mode done at twice the speed compared to the V/D mode.
  • The Voice FR Mode use the full rate for Voice Transmission in high quality. Thus, the transmission does sound very clearly and naturally.
  • In addition to the digital mode, the FT-1DE can also analog FM. This mode allows the normal FM operation.
The new FT-400XDE has an automatic mode switching. The received mode is then automatically transferred.
Also for APRS operation this mobile device is with a integrated GPS ready for use. An extensive menu covers everything to be QRV immediately with no additional hardware in APRS. Detailed instructions can be found on the homepage of Yaesu here.
With the optional camera microphone MH-85A11U you can easily take snapshots on a micro SD card (not included) or send it to another C4FM transceiver. With the large displays images can be viewed directly from other stations. The images also contain the precise GPS coordinates and allow it to navigate directly to this position.
The Yaesu FTM-400XDE has a wideband receiver from 108 MHz to 999 MHz. The transceiver can receive two frequencies simultaneously, which may be different or even in the same band. In addition, the FTM-400D offers the possibility to use the transceiver as a cross-band repeater. 

The transmitter operates on the 2m and 70cm with an output power of max. 50W, which can be reduced to 20W or 5W.

Check out this video on the latest firmware release:

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Yaesu FTM-400XDE
I use the 400 as a shack radio (with the excellent Nifty stand) and it is superb. Great audio with great ease of use - really like the band-scope facility. Very sensitive on both 2m and 70cm with a wide range of receive bands including Civil Air. I preferred the build; larger touch screen and legibility of the 400 over the additional facilities offered by the newer 300 model. Fusion is excellent and when connected to Wires X enables me to work the world! Jonathan provided excellent advice as always!
I've had this radio for 2 weeks now and its simply fantastic. I've been using wires-x and fusion and its great fun. the colour screen is really clear and large font makes it easy to see. In all i would recommend this to any one. It also picks up AIR and MARINE band 73 for now PS i delt with Jonathen
I felt I should say something about the FTM- 400XD purchased from you a while ago. Its performance specification is well known and understood and is in my opinion second to none and outstanding System Fusion wise. I need say no more on this aspect of the review. Primarily, a mobile radio design, but equally at home in our radio shack and where it gives us so much operating enjoyment. This radio was up and running straight from the box in minutes, without the need for a code plug, updated firmware, or even a glance at the user’s manual, such is its user friendliness and the intuitive colourful touch screen display. We can work our local VHF and UHF amateur radio friends, white noise and LPD/LE equipment interference free on digital voice C4FM, send messages and pictures, and then chat with our analogue FM only radio friends making full use of the Yaesu AMS function. And as if this wasn’t sufficient, we can then ‘dial up’ and talk the rest of the world using Wires X through the local FUSION repeater. Just press the buttons, connect to the Wires X network and the world is literally at our fingertips. This is without doubt one of the best user friendly ‘fun wireless radio sets’ for amateurs that I have come across in over 50 years. But that’s not all; there is more inside the little black box. APRS is yet another mode to exploit and enjoy and where in minutes, you can be up and running and again with reference to some excellent concise online videos if required, or download the official handbook if you must. No extra hardware or patch leads are required; it’s all inbuilt with GPS and tracking, ready to go. Very useful for exchanging short messages and seeing who and what’s about far and wide, fixed and mobile stations etc. This is a radio that every amateur should try and get hold of for the shack or mobile and preferably for both. It’s worth every penny and will provide so much entertainment and enables many new friendships, shared knowledge and learning worldwide. In short it’s just a ‘fun’ radio. Martin Lynch and his team have always provided me with excellent service and if things do go wrong, which they sometimes do albeit very rarely, they deal with it without fuss in a fast and efficient courteous manner. So why would I need to go anywhere else for my amateur radio equipment and service repairs; being as I am, an old timer radio enthusiast living off the beaten track?
Yaesu FTM-400DR
Never been to ML&S before, but was a lovely welcome, thx :) Radio is first rate, I got to replace my small screen on the FT-857 (FT dx 1200 replaces the bands) simple to set up and Yaesu have done a great job at making use of the screen, fusion is just an added bonus. The only real downside for me, is the mic lead could of been longer... but that's just trivial. Great radio for 2m and 70cm
Yaesu FTM-400de
Bought this radio to replace my FT7900 and the difference is amazing., the signals that i can hear are loud and clear. and the functions this radio can do is amazing The guys from M&L where great in answering any questions i had..
I have had the unit now for about 4 weeks so about time I gave my opinions on the set. Very pleasing to look at and the screen is very clear, brilliant without being too overpowering, and touch sensitivity is about right. Very easy to operate in FM mode and changing from Band A to Band B is very easy to accomplish with just a touch. The latest firmware seems no different to the original version (I have one in the car already) especially when programming the status text - still fiddly. On APRS the set seems to be stuck with Proportional Beaconing always on no matter how many times I turn it off. There are also other minor glitches with the beacon transmission interval. As previous reviewer stated the mounting bracket is worse than useless, I adapted a Garmin Sat Nav windscreen mounting bracket for the control head. There seems to be a lack of programming software for the iMac so everything must be inputed via the control head which makes it a slow and laborious task. If you wish to have an excellent VHF / UHF dual band radio then the FTM-400 is a good option, however I would go for the Kenwood TM-710 for APRS. The rating would be 5 if only using the FM or digital aspects but the APRS experience and the fiddly programming with this set lets it down so only a 2
easy setup, poor design mount
Thought I would get a radio for the car as I have a Kenwood 710E at home. The colour display is very vivid and seems to be good at most angles. The FTM 400 compliments the cars glass cockpit of colour displays. APRS programmed much easier than my Kenwood. My only gripe is the poor design of the bracket to mount in either the car or as a base unit. The base cannot be angled easily and has a screw at the back to attach it to the plate, so not easy to attach and detach so as to not leave it on show. I see that there is an optional suction holder that may be better for car use. On screen touch screen programming so far seems ok, not as responsive as a modern tablet screen. Lack of memory programming software is also not good. So initially pleased and easy to get up and running. Looking forward to putting it through its paces once fully installed in my car. Phil Thain G7MOB
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