Radio Today guide to the Icom IC-7610 RT-IC-7610

Radio Today guide to the Icom IC-7610 RT-IC-7610
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Radio Today guide to the Icom IC-7610
By Andrew Barron, ZL3DW

Within a few short months of the launch the Icom IC-7610 radio, it became a 'best seller' and one of the most popular radios on the market today. This SDR - based radio has simply become the measure by which other radios are being judged. However, getting the most from this radio, as it is for many new radios, is increasingly difficult. Andrew Barron, ZL3DW, an acknowledged SDR expert, sets out in this book to highlight the myriad of options available to the users of this fabulous radio.

On opening the box of the Icom IC-7610 not only will you be excited but perhaps you will surprised by how many settings and controls there are to learn. This should not deter you as this is where this book comes in. From the first steps with the panadapter display and its 'FIX' spectrum display mode where you can see the whole band or just a section of the band such as the CW segment, this book guides you. The biggest advantage that the IC-7610 offers over its rivals at a similar price level is the two completely independent receivers, so Andrew explains the changes this makes to the way you operate the radio. The touchscreen controls are explained so you get to know the radio through using it and through delving into every control and menu setting. There are tips on troubleshooting and guides to particular modes of operation and much more besides.

The IC-7610 is a truly exceptional radio and if you are interested in purchasing one or even already have one this guide provides invaluable reading. Many features are also applicable to other Icom SDR radios and the insight into the art of the possible with SDR radios is illuminating for all.

Size 176x240mm, 160 Pages
ISBN: 9781 9101 9366 2
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