ZUMSPOT-RPI rev 0.6r with 1.3” OLED, antenna and standoffs

ZUMSPOT-RPI rev 0.6r with 1.3” OLED, antenna and standoffs
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IOS or Andriod Bluetooth board is now additional. 

This version is fully assembled and tested by our expert technicians. 

The ZUMspot RPi is an advanced radio module board. 

  • Instructions on how to setup PiStar  HERE 
  • Create a Wi-Fi "wpa_supplicant.conf" file HERE  All you need to do then, is drop this onto the "Boot" volume of your Pi-Star SD card.

Supplied with a Raspberry Pi Zero WH and the MMDVM software becomes a small and efficient multi-mode digital hotspot. 

ZUMspot Board Features:

High performance 32-bit ARM processor
The board is fully assembled and tested
Supports DMR, P-25, D-Star, System Fusion and NXDN
Onboard LEDs to show status (Tx, Rx, PTT, Mode)
Up to 10mW RF power
SMA antenna connector, UHF antenna included
Mounts cleanly on all current Raspberry Piís including the Pi Zero
Works on ODROID boards
The firmware is pre-loaded and is easily upgraded via software.
Built-in 1.3" OLED display
Connection for Nextion LCD display
Open source firmware (MMDVM) and board design

The ZUMspot Pi Board Package Includes:

ZUMspot Pi UHF Board

UHF Antenna
Raspberry Pi Zero WH
Plastic Case

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Unit arrived next day, I am a new ham and new to DMR, followed the video on the ML & Son's website which is easy to follow but got confused because it say on the site "Create a Wi-Fi "wpa_supplicant.conf" file HERE All you need to do then, is drop this onto the "Boot" volume of your Pi-Star SD card." but you don't have to do this just follow the instructions in the video and it's done, I did have problems trying to run the Zumspot over the Wi-Fi of my home 4G router, it just didn't want to know, maybe I need to set up a virtual connection and open some ports for it to work on the home router but it's not a problem because I set it up on my mobile phone using mobile tethering which is what I wanted in the first place. Does it all work? Yes it does and works extremely well. I emailed the shop to clear up my miss-understand of whether to install the "wpa_supplicant.conf" and Gary telephoned me the next day to help so thanks for that Gary much apricated, this is a great piece of kit and work amazingly well, I would definitely buy again.
Terrific multi mode hotspot, great display.
I'm so glad I bought this as I don't have a local D-Star repeater.In less than 30 mins I programmed the Zumbspot and my old ICOM ID51 and was making QSO's across various D-Star reflectors. The really great thing about a PiStar based hotspot is that it supports DMR, YSF and DStar so when I get my FT3DE it will be ready to support that. Well worth the extra cost over other hotspots for this and the great display. cheers Dave G7SQY
Best piece of equipment i have got to date, easy to set up, works well the TF2D. have made more QSO's in one week than the past year on VHF alone. Colin, MI6UNC
ZumSpot-RPI - A whole new world!
An absolutely superb piece of kit. DMR/dStar/Fusion all at your fingertips. Easy setup and essentially you're up and running in minutes. Many thank to Gary (M0TIG) for all the help and advice. Bloody marvellous! A must have for anyone dipping their toe into digital voice modes.
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