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The IC-746 achieved a fantastic reputation as a powerful HF base station that gave excellent performance at a competitive price. Well its successor...
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The IC-746 achieved a fantastic reputation as a powerful HF base station that gave excellent performance at a competitive price. Well its successor is here�the IC-7400. Covering HF, 50MHz and 144MHz bands, with the same powerful 100W of output power.

The biggest news of all is that this new transceiver has adopted the same IF DSP as the IC-756PRO and its successor, the IC-756PRO2. ICOM has used a 32-bit floating point DSP and 24-bit AD/DA converter at the heart of the IC-7400, which makes this base station fresh and exciting. Furthermore, the digital IF filter shape is selectable from sharp to soft for both SSB and CW modes. Now let's just see what else this new rig has to offer the demanding Amateur.

32-bit floating point DSP and 24-bit AD/DA converter- The IC-7400 adopts the 32-bit floating point DSP and 24-bit AD/DA converter in the IF stage. This combination dramatically improves the precision and the scale of the signal processing and provides a wide dynamic range from HF to 144MHz band.

Digital IF filter - DSP is used for the IF filters on all bands. This means no optional IF crystal filters are required for bandwidth selection. Fifty-one different passband widths are available according to operator needs from 50Hz to 3600Hz.

Filter Shapes
No optional crystal filters required or needed! 51 built-in, adjustable filters allow for incredible selectivity. The tuning shapes for CW & SSB are independently selectable. You've got to try it to believe it!

AGC loop management - Digital IF filter and manual notch are included in the AGC loop controlled by the DSP unit. It rejects blocking by extremely strong adjacent signals out of the filter pass bands. Therefore, you will never suffer from blocking of the AGC gain. In addition, the AGC constants are adjustable for each operating mode (slow, medium, and fast preset).

HF + 50MHz + 144MHz all band coverage - The IC-7400 covers the 1.8MHz to 144MHz amateur bands in all modes (including RTTY). Also the receiver continuously covers from 30kHz to 60MHz .*Specifications guaranteed 1.8-29.99, 50-54MHz and 144-148MHz only.

Powerful 100W output for all bands - The IC-7400 generates 100W of RF output power not only for HF and 50MHz, but also for the 144MHz band.

PSN (Phase Shift Network) - All of the modulation and demodulation, including FM and RTTY utilises the DSP unit. Especially in the SSB mode, the PSN generates a very clear and high quality transmit signal. The SSB demodulation reproduces received signals with a high S/N (Signal-to-Noise) Ratio which is 10dB better than that of the IC-746.

Digital twin PBT (Pass Band Tuning) capability - The digital twin PBT actually changes the IF passband. The twin PBT narrows and shifts the IF passband to effectively eliminate interfering signals. This is useful during crowded band conditions such as pileups, or contests etc.

Notch functions - The manual notch function attenuates beat tones. The automatic notch function can eliminate 2 or more interfering signals simultaneously.

Other Features Include:

- Built-in RTTY demodulator
- Digital RF Speech compressor
- Microphone equaliser
- Noise reduction
- Optional CR-338 for high frequency stability
- Memory keyer
- Noise Blanker
- SSB/CW Synchronous Tuning
- Ample functions for CW operators
- Band scope function
- Triple band stacking register
- Tx monitor function
- High contrast, easy to see LCD
- 102 memory channels with 9 character names
- And much, much more.


Number of Memory Channels: 102
Dimensions: 287 (w) x 120 (h) x 316.5 (d)mm
Weight: 9.0kg

Options and Accessories:

AH-2b Mobile whip & bracket
AH-4 100 W HF+50 MHz automatic antenna tuner
CR-338 High Stability Crystal unit
CT-17 CI-V converter
HM-36 Hand microphone
PS-85 20A Power Supply unit. (50W TX Out FM)
PS-125 25A Power Supply unit. (100W TX Out FM)
OPC-025 DC lead
SM-20 Deluxe desktop microphone
SP-21 Base-station loudspeaker
UT-102 Voice synthesiser unit


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