DX Engineering OMNI-TILT™ Vertical Antenna Tilt Bases DXE-OMNITILT-2P
Manufacturer's Part Number:DXE-OMNITILT-2P   Part Type:HF Vertical Antenna Mounting Tilt Bases   Product Line:DX Engineering...
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Manufacturer's Part Number:DXE-OMNITILT-2P
Part Type:HF Vertical Antenna Mounting Tilt Bases
Product Line:DX Engineering OMNI-TILT™ Vertical Antenna Tilt Bases

Tilt Base Type:Pivoting Fixture
Tilt Base Mounting Plate Material:Stainless steel
Tilt Base Mounting Pipe Size:1.250-2.500 in.
Mounting Plate Width:5.781 in.
Mounting Plate Height:12.219 in.
Mounting Plate Thickness:0.125 in.
Intermediate Mounting Tube Required:Yes
Quantity:Sold individually.
Notes:Requires two (2) DXE-OTMC-250P clamps to attach OMNITILT to stationary mounting pipe.

DX Engineering OMNI-TILT™ Vertical Antenna Tilt Bases are a completely new design that incorporates features that make this Tilt Base a 'must have' for all types of vertical antennas. The OMNI-TILT™ is patterned on the same proven safe technology as the patented DX Engineering SAF-T-TILT™ and the patented DXE-TB-3P Tilt Bases, which are designed to prevent the antenna from falling when the fasteners are loosened. The user simply lifts the OMNI-TILT™ base plate and this positive action disengages the bolts from the top slot, which allows the user to easily and safely walk the ground-mounted antenna up or down for tuning, maintenance, stealth antenna stowing, or if extreme weather is on the way.

Order one of these OMNI-TILT™ models for your vertical antenna system:

DXE-OMNITILT-1P for Hustler BTV series and Hy-Gain AVQ series Trap Vertical Antennas
- Both antenna types use the supplied DXE-TVA-HWK Trap Vertical Mounting Hardware kit.

DXE-OMNITILT-2P for Elevated Mount Verticals, incl. Cushcraft R8, R9, Hy-Gain AV-640, MFJ, GAP and many others for HF and VHF
- OTMC Clamps (2) are included for customer-supplied antenna support tubing or pipe of 1.25 to 2.50 in. OD 

NOTE: Both models REQUIRE two (2) optional DXE-OTMC-250P clamps to attach the non-tilt part of OMNI-TILT™ to a Mounting Pipe, 1-1/4 to 2-1/2 inches OD. The ability to attach this tilt base and your antenna to a pipe from 1-1/4 up to 2-1/2 inches is an important new feature of the OMNI-TILT™. Alternatively, all OMNI-TILT™ models may be mounted on a wooden post with user-supplied hardware. 

DX Engineering OMNI-TILT™ bases are custom made from laser cut 1/8" thick Stainless Steel for strength and durability. All of the hardware used in the OMNI-TILT™ Base is Stainless Steel to ensure long and dependable service. The DX Engineering OMNI-TILT™ is a two-piece assembly of stainless steel u-shaped plates. As noted above, the OMNI-TILT™ rear plate is typically mounted to your 1.25 in. to 2.50 in. steel pipe using the optional DXE-OTMC-250P Mounting Clamps, purchased separately for either model. The OMNI-TILT™ front plate pivots on a pair of high-strength bolts. Both plates have extra holes to allow a wide range of optional mounting hardware to maximize the use of the OMNI-TILT™ for many types of vertical antennas. For example, on both models OMNITILT -1P or -2P, the rear plate may be mounted with your hardware to a wood post, and the front plate accommodates other types of clamps for other antennas.

DX Engineering offers optional Tilt Base Wing Nut Knobs - DXE-AOK-OT1194 - that will allow for quick release of the DX Engineering DXE-OMNI-TILT™ base top bolts, without tools! 

Once again, DX Engineering innovation produces a great, multi-purpose system for mounting and accessing an HF, VHF or UHF antenna. With OMNI-TILT™, there is no need to ask for help because you will be able to walk your own antennas up and down. These tilt bases are perfect for stealth antennas, or if you are concerned about the weather, or for making antenna adjustments. Put the convenience of DX Engineering OMNI-TILT™ Vertical Antenna Tilt Bases under your antennas.


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