As of now, FlexRadio will allow you to Trade-UP your existing FLEX-6X00 transceiver to a higher model of your choice. Trade your current FLEX-6X00 transceiver for a new FLEX-6X00 transceiver by simply paying the difference between the price of the new radio and the value of the traded radio. The trade-up value of your radio is subject to the model, age and condition of your transceiver.

To make life a lot easier, you can do this through ML&S and we can take the hassle out by collecting your radio if need be and send your new, upgraded Flex radio straight to your door a mere few days later!

Further, for those of you are looking for a pre-owned model this may be your chance. As many Flex owners Trade-Up!, we will have certified used models available for sale from time to time. so contact sales for availability or to get on the waiting list if none are immediately available.

Don't forget that ML&S also offer trade-ins and trade-ups on many other brands and products, so if you've got something you want to trade in or upgrade. why not give us a call on: 0345 2300 599