Mail Order Operations Continue at ML&S

A warm & safe welcome from all of us at ML&S!  I just wanted to thank you for continuing to support my business through this very worrying and unprecedented time.

Into many weeks of lockdown and I’ve still got 90% of my staff working from home. The showroom is temporarily closed but obviously it’s the right thing to do for their safety and yours.

Now the good news...  Our mail order is still operational!

Years ago we heavily invested in bespoke cloud-based back office systems that allow us to continue working as though we’re sitting at our desks at the store. It’s linked directly to our website greatly assisting in the whole mail order process.

This has allowed our sales team to discuss that new radio or accessory you can’t live without.  The manufacturers & distributors are still worrying me with price increases due to fall in currency & more importantly airlines putting up freight deliveries as much as five times.  Please do call them sooner rather than later, (this isn’t a Lynchy sales pitch, it really is happening). All sales lines are temporarily directed to my lads at their homes.  So if you ring the guys early, do feel free to ask if they are still wearing their pyjamas.

All orders are processed direct to our warehouse for picking, wrapping and shipping by my eldest Son Dan our Operations Director, together with Gary, Paul & Jan.  Our main couriers are still collecting roughly twice a day and bar the enormous amount of mail-order we are currently processing, (toilet rolls anyone?!)  we are doing our very best, albeit by far less staff.  There can be delays in good old Royal Mail in some areas and for this, I can only apologise. If you do need your order within a day or so for most UK mainland post codes, then choose £8.95 or £11.95 shipping options. We’ll then ship DPD/UPS/FedEx who aren’t so bogged down like our postal system is right now. 

These are unprecedented times and I do hope all of you are keeping safe and well. Ham Radio is a wonderful hobby and times like this underline how lucky we are to have chosen this often scoffed at pastime. It suddenly dawned on me the other day that this year I’ve been interested and involved in Ham Radio for over FIFTY YEARS.  I know they’re many of you that have been licenced far longer, but it seems only yesterday my Uncle Dixie left an R1155 ready set up for me in 1969 at my parents’ house in Ealing. That was a gift, but I soon learnt to earn money to buy an HRO then an AR88LF...  It seems I didn’t stop there!

Thank you once again for supporting us, enjoy the hobby and we’ll continue to ship gear to you whilst it’s safe to do so.

73 & stay safe!

Martin Lynch - G4HKS
The Guv'nor @ ML&S