INTERMEDIATE - Training and Test Fee for UK Intermediate Licence

INTERMEDIATE - Training and Test Fee for UK Intermediate Licence
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Test Fee for UK Intermediate Licence.

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enjoyed this course very much
I have completed this course less than a month ago, everybody in the group has passed the exam. I have already switched from M6 to 2E0 but still work same 10W of RF power as before to improve my operating practice. To me it is important that now I have a better understanding of how things work. Of course Intermediate is more demanding than Foundation and the course is just few days, so you may find it useful to do it as follows. Regarding the theory, it really helps to study the Intermediate textbook and the syllabus PDF beforehand: there are things both to memorize (Q-codes, country prefixes, resistor colour bands) and to understand the way they work (BFO, superhet, transistor biasing). It is not that difficult, just requires its due time to settle properly. Regarding the practical assessment, make sure you are comfortable with a multimeter and a soldering iron beforehand. If necessary, spend a couple evenings practising at home. For example, one of the DIY kits I had assembled at home is still in everyday use, it is a wall clock. Then at HRTA you just complete the practical work in time and get the checkboxes ticked. The VFO calibration procedure you will do at HRTA may happen to be different in details from that described in the textbook, in this case just follow the HRTA version as there is more than one way to do the same thing. Generally, what the instructor delivers not just covers what is in the textbook but sometimes goes beyond so if you come prepared, you will have more attention to pay to the extra interesting bits. 73!
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