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Icom Handhelds
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Icom IC-F3002 (Commerical)

The IC-F3002/F4002 series of entry level handportable radios offer simple operation, outstanding audio, high performance and stron...

£186.86(Inc VAT at 20%)
IC-F1100/2100 SERIES Analog / Digital VHF/UHF Business Portable Radio

Digital Two-Way Radio Series The IC-F1100D/F2100D series is a compact, portable digital radio series with convenient features, in...

£264.00(Inc VAT at 20%)
IC-F52D/F62D Series Analog / Digital  - VHF/UHF Business Portable Radio

Digital Two Way Radio Series Expanding Icom’s new range of IDAS digital two-way radios is the IC-F52D series, a compact, wa...

£604.80(Inc VAT at 20%)

Compact/Waterproof VHF PBR/Marine ATEX handheld The IC-M87 ATEX version conforms to the 94/9/EC ATEX Directive. This version is s...

£492.00(Inc VAT at 20%)
IC-SAT100 Icom & Iridium Satellite PTT Transceiver

Icom & Iridium Satellite PTT Transceiver, (Emergency and Business Continuity Planning) The IC-SAT100 utilises SATELLITE ...

£1299.95(Inc VAT at 20%)
Icom IC-F2000 UHF Commercial Two Way Radios

Icom IC-F1000/F2000 VHF/UHF Commercial Two Way Radios Brochure The IC-F1000/F2000 Series is a compact portable two way radio series with c...

£169.72(Inc VAT at 20%)
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