AOR SDU-5600

AOR SDU-5600
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Enhance your monitoring with visual spectrum and waterfall displays of activity up to +/-5MHz from the centre frequency, updated in real time up to six times per second. A range of receivers are supported including the AR-ONE, AR000, AR3000A, ICOM R8500 and many others. An RS232 port is also provided for PC control.
Digital signal processing and fast fourier transform algorithms combine to make the SDU5600 a very powerful spectrum display system. The result is a graphic display, and textual information, that is fast and accurate.

Interactive menu driven choices put potent analysing tools at your disposal. You can control AOR AR-ONE, AR5000 and AR8600 series receivers through the interface with the SDU5600. Control for some other receivers is also possible including the ICOM R8500. You may also engage in computer aided control of the SDU5600 and utilize a PC as an integral part of the analysis process. All this is possible through two RS-232C ports on the rear panel.

127mm (five inch) TFT colour display graphics are clear, crisp and sharp. Colour adds to the ease of use, particularly the waterfall feature making the SDU5600 as useful on the bench as it is in the field or as part of permanent mobile operation.

The AOR SDU5600 is the "next generation" in spectrum display units employing DSP and FFT (Fast Fourier Transform), faster sampling rates and colour imaging, the SDU5600 opens the door to new possibilities and applications. With sampling at up to six times per second, the operator is quickly aware of new active frequencies. The "waterfall display" function is truly a great convenience, along with a host of menu driven selections and features.

Other receivers equipped with a 10.7 MHz IF output can provide signals to the SDU5600 but the sweep span could be limited depending on the IF characteristics of the chosen receiver.

SDU5600 features

High resolution 127mm (5 inch) colour TFT display
Built-in "waterfall" display function
Now features FFT signal analysis
Uses 10.7 MHz IF input frequency
Wide input level range: 0~ -90 dBm
High dynamic range, 60 dB
Fully interactive with AOR AR5000 models, AR8600, AR-ONE

10 MHz bandwidth (5 MHz from centre frequency)
Samples up to 6x per second
Four frequency resolutions, 4, 32, 64, 128 KHz
Image output to your PC
Bus signal can be saved to memory
Graphic display and statistical (text) data
Menu driven operation
Two RS-232C ports for receiver and computer control
Easy to operate



Input frequency 10.7 MHz
Maximum frequency span 10 MHz
Frequency resolution 4, 32, 64, 128 KHz
Input level range +0 dBm to -90dBm
Display Dynamic range 60 dB
Frequency accuracy + / - 600Hz
Level accuracy + / - 2dB
Input impedance 50 ohms
Display 5 inch colour TFT display
Serial ports 2 RS-232C ports (for receiver and PC control)
Power requirement 12 V DC, 900mA (max)
Controls 26 keys and one rotating dial
Dimensions 220 (W) x 120 (H) x 195 (D) (mm)
8.7(W) x 4.7 (H) x 7.7 (D) (inches)
Projections not included
Weight Approx 2.3Kg (approx 5LBS)
Compatibility Interactive with all AOR AR5000 and AR8600 series receivers and AR-ONE. May be compatible with other receivers that feature wideband 10.7 MHz IF output.
(No warranty is made as to compatibility with receivers from other manufacturers)
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