AOR SR-2000A

AOR SR-2000A
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Frequency monitor 25MHz - 3GHz, AM, NFM, WFM. FFT search and 10MHz built-in spectrum display.

The SR2000A puts the power of FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) algorithms to work in tandem with a powerful embedded receiver covering 25 MHz ~ 3 GHz continuous. The result is a compact colour spectrum display monitor that's ultra-sensitive, incredibly fast, yet easy to use. The SR2000A is perfect for base, mobile or field use and can also be used in combination with a personal computer.

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Monitor signals with incredible speed!
The FFT search function enables incredibly high speed signal monitoring, up to 10MHz search in 0.2 seconds! Using the built-in 5 inch TFT color display, it is easy to monitor the clear, crisp images of received signals. Up to 10 MHz of bandwidth can be displayed in real time through advanced Digital Signal Processing. The waterfall display function tracks signals over time and uses colours to define their strength.

See wideband coverage (25MHz - 3GHz) in AM/NFM/WFM/SFM modes.
The SR2000A is a digital monitor scope with a built-in high grade front end for the professional user. The digitally processed IF signals of the RF unit are combined with FFT technology enabling spectrum analysis and high speed signal detection in real time. In one compact unit, the SR2000A integrates a large colour display with a professional grade receiver blending high RF technology with digital processing.

The size is 220 (W) x 120 (H) x 185 (D) mm (excl. projections) and weighs around 3.2kg.
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