Expert Electronics Colibri DDC SDR Shortwave Receiver

Expert Electronics Colibri DDC SDR Shortwave Receiver
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Product Information
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You can sync your classic TRX with NANO using SDC software, thus giving a sense of vision to your old (and already useless, you may skip this part) TRX.

ColibriDDC Receiver:

This small-size receiver is intended to receive signals covering the HF frequency band 0.09MHz to 55MHz, and also (with the help of external filters) to receive frequencies up to 800MHz whilst working together with a PC. 

It incorporates direct digital signal sampling by utilising a high speed analogue-digital converter. Such architecture allows the user eliminate additional noise caused by analogue cascades and makes the signal sound more natural and transparent.

The Local Area Network (LAN) interface allows you to use the device remotely and also allows you to connect several receivers to one PC simultaneously.

The ColibriDDC is a great low-cost HF and 6m receiver that makes the absolute most of direct sampling technology.

Main capabilities

  • ADC with sampling frequency 125 MHz and 14 bit resolution is used
  • Two independent receiving channels with sampling frequencies up to 312 kHz
  • Record air stations with the bandwidth to 312 kHz and the opportunity to reproduce it later
  • Opportunity to receive in Nyquist zones up to 800 MHz (necessary to set additional external filters)
  • Wide spectrum scope up to 60 MHz
  • 24 bit audio – DAC for decreasing signal delay
  • Connector for controlling external devices, 7 programmable transistor switches
  • Interface with PC – local network 100 Mbps
  • Low power consumption, 5V 0.64A
  • External reference generator input 10 MHz
  • Small dimensions W 64 x H 24 x L 112 mm
  • ExpertSDR2 receiver's software

Application field

  • Dual chanel HF receiver
  • Panadapter  to classical transceivers
  • Remote reception point for contests and other applications
  • Spectrum analyzer with wide spectrum scope up to 60 MHz
  • Work with external digital signal decoders (digital type connection programs, CW skimmer, etc.)
PC requirements
  • Processor Intel Core2Duo and higher
  • Video card supporting the technology of OpenGL 1.5 and higher and RAM 256 Mbyte and more
  • Local network connector 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps
  • OS Windows XP/7/8 x32 or x64, OS Linux Ubuntu x64


Table 1.Technical characteristics:
Receiving bandwidth, MHz 0.01 - 55 (0.01-62.5)
Receiving bandwidth in all Nyquist zones, MHz 0.01– 800
Spectrum scope bandwidth (up to), MHz 62.5
Amount of independent receiving channels 2
Sensitivity, mkV 0.3
Blocking Dynamic Range (BDR), dB 110
IMD3 Dynamic Range, dB 90
Image channel suppression, dB >110
Supply voltage range, V 4.5...5.5
Maximum consumption current, A 0.64
RF ADC clock frequency, MHz 125
RF ADC resolution, bit 14
Local oscillator stability, ppm +/- 0.5
Built-in attenuator, dB 0, -20
Built-in audio DAC resolution, bit 24
Dimensions W x H x L, mm 64õ24õ112
Weight, kg 0.3



ExpertSDR2 program with adapted interface for the receiving mode is used together with the ColibriDDC receiver. At the present moment software works in the receiving mode and maintains two independent channels with the bands to 312 kHz. DSP library, developed by the company Expert Electronics, allowed to improve the receipt quality and to higher the software reliability. Two OS are supported: Windows 8 and Linux Ubuntu.


Receiver's block diagram

REF – connector to connect external 10 MHz generator

PLL – ADC clock frequency synthesizer ATT – attenuator MCU – microcontrol unit

Ant – connector to connect the HF band antenna

TCXO – inbuilt temperature compensated crystal oscillator ADC – high speed analog-digital converter DAC – audio digital-analog converter
EXT CTRL - connector for controlling the external devices LPF – input low frequency filter (disabling) FPGA - field programmable gate array LAN – local network connector
PHONES – jack for connecting headphones Front – front panel Rear – rear panel  


Basic configuration:

  • ColibriDDC Receiver
  • Power source 5V 2A
  • Adapter SMA - PL259 (UHF)
  • LAN – cable

Additional configuration:

In addition to basic receiver's configuration can be purchased the following devices:

  1. PC's headset EE-PH-01
  2. Control panel EE-EP-01 or Constructor EE-EP-02 for comfortable remote work
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