Expert Electronics E-Coder

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Expert Electronics E-Coder
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  • Overview
Panel is intended to control SDR-transceiver. It allows to control the transceiver by tuning knob, provides controlling the bandwidths, modulation types, filters and many other functions included into SDR - programs.
SDR control panel was designed to control SDR-transceiver. It allows to control the transceiver by tuning knob, provides controlling the bandwidths, modulation types, filters and many other functions included into SDR - programs.
Principle of panel's work
Control panel is designed to work with ExpertSDR and ExpertSDR2 programs and provides the major functionality with it. Control panel is connected by USB interface to PC and at once becomes accessible in program ExpertSDR.
Figure 1 – Interaction diagram of control panel and ExpertSDR program
Control panel's functions settings menu window is given at figure 2. In this menu setting the check box 1 enables or disables the hardware panel support in the program. If the check box is set, after connection the panel at once starts working. This window also allows to choose the functions for each button from panel 3 and buttons of small encoders 4. With a help of objects 2 can be set the functions for rotation each mechanic encoder. For it press the corresponding object and choose the necessary function. The function can be set to the button of main tuning knob by pressing the object 5. There is also an opportunity to set the step of corresponding mechanic encoder function parameter in window 6. If it is volume, that is in the window Volume is set the amount of divisions to one encoder position (volume is regulated from 0 to 100). If the intermediate frequency is set to the encoder (function IF), that is in the IF window is set the step for one encoder position in Hz. All the other settings are made by analogy. After connecting the panel the controlling connectors KEY and PTT, which are placed at the back panel, become accessible. Footswitch and telegraph key can be also connected to them.
Figure 2 – Control panel's functions settings menu in ExpertSDR and ExpertSDR2 programs
Support of control panel in ExpertSDR program
All accessible to the present day mechanic encoders functions are given in table 1. It should be noted that this list is not final. While development of the program new functions will be add stepwise.
Table 1. Functions set to mechanic encoders in ExpertSDR program
Unused Function is not set
Volume Volume adjustment
Mic Gain Microphone gain adjustment
SQL Squelch on/off
Filter Low Adjustment filter's low skirt
Filter High Adjustment filter's upper skirt
Filter Width Adjustment filter width
Filter Shift Adjustment filter shifting
Drive Output power adjustment
IF Tuning by intermediate frequency (filter moving)
RF Gain  AGC maximum level adjustment
CW Speed CW Speed
RIT Offset Receiver Incremental Tuning Offset
XIT Offset Transmitter Incremental Tuning Offset
 In table 2 are given functions, which can be set to buttons of control panel
Table 2. Functions set to the buttons in ExpertSDR program
Unused Function is not set
Band Up Switch to higher band
Band Down Switch to lower band
Mode Up Switching to the next modulation type
Mode Down Switching to the previous modulation type
Volume Up Volume increase on 5 points
Volume Down Volume decrease on 5 points
Mute Muting, on/off
BIN Turn on/off binaural effect
NR Noise reducer on/off
ANF Automatic notch filter on/off
NB1  Noise blanker 1 on/off
NB2  Noise blanker 2 on/off
Filter Up  Switch filter one position wider
Filter Down   Switch filter one position narrower
SQL  Squelch on/off
PA   External Power Amplifier PTT control on/off
AGC Up  Changes AGC slower
AGC Down  Changes AGC faster
Preamp Up  Increase Preamp gain 
Preamp Down  Decrease Preamp gain 
Step Up   Switch tuning step coarse
Step Down   Switch tuning step fine
Zoom In  Zoom In panoramic adapter
Zoom Out  Zoom Out panoramic adapter
MOX  Manually Operated Transmitter
Tone  Carrier in transmitting mode
WF Wide Receiver's Filter
Power On/Off Switch on/off the radio
Switch DDS/IF Switching between tuning by intermediate frequency and by tuning DDS (moving signals)
Switch Receiver Switching receiver's control between RX1 and RX2
Change VFOA/VFOB Swap tuning knob between VFOA and VFOB
On/Off SubRX On/Off Sub Receiver
RIT On/Off Switch On/Off Receiver's Incremental Tuning
RIT Reset Receiver's Incremental Tuning Reset
IF as RIT RIT control by tuning knob
XIT On/Off Transmitter Incremental Tuning On/Off
XIT Reset Transmitter Incremental Tuning Reset
Split On/Off Split mode
TX/Play Replay voice and transmit to air
Voice recording Voice recording
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