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Flex Radio Systems
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Flexradio FLEX-6700

The FLEX-6700™ Signature Series transceiver is based on a new hardware architecture and SmartSDR™ software platform. &...

£7249.95(Inc VAT at 20%)
FLEX 6400M

Simply Beautiful No PC required to operate the FLEX-6400M* 8 inch 1920 x 1200 IPS Display Up to two indep...

£3099.95(Inc VAT at 20%)

Radio Server SDR Features 100W PEP HF-6M Operation All Modes/All Bands Integrated Remote Operation With Maestro, PC/ Laptop, ...

£3999.95(Inc VAT at 20%)
Flex 6600M
(1 review)

  All-in-One SDR includes all the features of the FLEX-6600 plus Spectacular 8-Inch, 1920 X 1200 IPS Integrated Display ...

£4999.95(Inc VAT at 20%)

Radio Server SDR Features 100W PEP HF-6m operation All modes/all bands Integrated Remote Operation with Maestro, PC/ Laptop...

£2179.95(Inc VAT at 20%)
Flex PowerGenius XL

There’s power. And then there is POWER! Chances are, your existing radio does everything promised and then some. It fun...

£7199.95(Inc VAT at 20%)
Flex Radio Maestro Control Console for the FLEX 6000
(2 reviews)

Orchestrating Radio any way, any where...Whether you are the most serious contest operator, DX chaser, rag chewer, or you just lov...

£1399.95(Inc VAT at 20%)
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