Helitron DV4mini USB Stick

Helitron DV4mini USB Stick
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Not currenltly in production

ML&S are the sole UK & Ireland authorised distributor of the DV4mini.

For product support, back up and latest software updates please ensure that you purchase from us direct or one of our authorised re-sellers. 


DV4mini is a tiny but powerful USB stick that can change any PC into a HOTSPOT for the modes D-Star and DMR+ C4FM (new update!). It contains a powerful 32-bit micro controller as well as a complete 70cm transceiver and modulator/demodulator for GMSK and 4FSK (including raised cosine) as well as a USB interface. It does not require its own power supply as it is powered through the USB interface. Thanks to a power saving voltage transformer even older USB interfaces will suffice. It will be shipped with a comprehensive but simple to use software package which allows for the linking with DCS reflectors for both D-Star and DMR reflectors.

For Digital Voice enthusiastsYour handheld radio is no longer gathering dust. This hotspotbrings the D-Star or DMR reflector directly into your shack.

For DV Power Users: It is possible to plug several of these sticks into a PC, thus allowing simultaneous operation with several reflectors (even D-Star and DMR mixed). Well if you so desire you can fully use all your USB sockets with DV4minis and create a DV Center that way.

For home brewers: The DV4mini runs well on single board computers e.g. Raspberry, BananaPi, Odroid etc.The minimum requirement is a Dual-Core. Such a hotspot would only need a few Watts and be useable in continuous service.

For developers: The interface between the PC and the DV4mini is disclosed. With the DV4mini one can transmit and receive digital data in the 70cm band, without regard to the mode, as long as the mode is coded for GMSK or 4FSK. That means one cannot only transfer digital voice but also data. Only your imagination is the limit. The interface between the GUI and the DV4mini software is also documented and available.

For vacationers: Due to the tiny size it can be brought with you on your vacation and thus create a hotspot in your hotel.

See more product and technical support videos in the 'Videos' section below 


Get the Visual C++ MSVCP120.DLL

DV4 Software: http://dv4mini.de/

Please refer to documentation for system requirements.

  • Output Power: approx. 10mW
  • Modulation types: GMSK, 4FSK
  • Operating modes: D-Star, DMR+ C4FM
  • Harmonics: better then -60dB


  • Sensitivity: -120dBm
  • Modulation types: GMSK, 4FSK
  • Operating modes: D-Star, DMR, (C4FM Fusion in process)

Digital specs: 

  • Data rates: 9600 or 4800 Baud, depending on the operating mode
  • Bit rate HF: 4800 bit/s or 4800 dibits/s
  • TCXO: long term stability: better than 2.5 ppm
  • TCXO: short term stability: better than 1 ppm


  • USB plug type A to connect direct, no cable needed
  • Power supplied via USB
  • Antenna SMA-socket, 50 Ohm (you will need an external antenna which is available in the shop)


  • DV4mini and dv4mini.exe: Software to create a D-Star and/or DMR Hotspot. Input options for the call sign and the DMR ID number and functions to link to reflectors.
  • Runs on Windows and Linux
  • Driver: The driver for Windows is included, Linux does not require one. 

Developer Software:

DV4mini Library (in C) licensed under GPL 3.0,  includes all functions required to run the DV4mini hardware allowing you to create your own projects.


Here's how to install the software and how to set up the basics to get started:

Here's how to fix the Visual C++ MSVCP120.dll Windows error:

Here's how to fix the red light staying on error:

Here's how to fix the connect error (USB Device not being recognised):

Check out an UnBoxing video here:

Check out this video of it in action:
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dv4mini update software
hi all i had to up date softwaer to 1.64 to tx on reflectors could rx fine on v1.61 but no tx easy resolved update dv4mini testversion 1.64 works great just now
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