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Welcome to the ML&S comments page. Listed below are comments received about our level of service. We receive dozens each week (many more by post) but these are some of the highlights via email.

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Hello. Excellent service. Thank You!!! Regards, Timofejus
Mark Gibson
Good morning I would just like to say thank you guys for replying back this seems to be a real customer service many could wish for the feed back a lone through word and mouth here a bout ML&S many of the boys on the radio have came to me speaking...
Harry M0IHT
I was just wondering how you do that!!!
Richard GW0HDY
Thanks form the prompt delivery. I now have this fitted to the Hustler 5 BTV previously purchased from you and very pleased all round. Richard GW0HDY
Alan mm0ovv
many thanks
Phil G0CPJ
Dear Sir, I recently purchased a 'Phonema RHEA' Speaker from you and decided to remove the cover grill as described in the owners manual. On removing the wooden front plate I found a split in the wood. This could have been my fault as I took the...
Brian G0WZB
Hi Martin, MANY THANKS for sending me the missing UM2 mount for my Superantenna. That was a super quick resolution. This is what I was expecting to see in the bag instead of the bit I received which I had no way of connecting to the tripod...
Trevor Newstead
Just a message to thank you for the prompt action on processing my order. I ordered a Yaesu SP-20 Speaker at about 1000 Hrs, your time, yesterday 8th April. I have just had receipt of that item here in Malta, approx 1115 Hrs your time. Well done!
Morris Guy
Hi Gary, Thank you so much for your help with this purchase. Will definitely be dealing with you in the future. Again many thanks. Best wishes, Morris Guy
Martin, Just wanted to comment that I ordered an X-300 antenna from you, very fast processing / delivery and packing fantastic. Nice to have reliable suppliers. Quite often people criticise, so I thought I’d give you positive feedback. Kind regards.
Clem G0APM
I'll try not to make a habit of sending fan mail :) .. I was delighted late this afternoon having had a delayed journey on my way home and turned up close to closing time. Nonetheless I was greeted with a cup of tea and
made welcome without feeling rush
Mark 2E0VSS
Thank you for the superb way that your sales team and yourself looked after me today. It’s refreshing that I can walk out of the store have bought nothing this particular time yet having not felt pressurised to do so. Mark Feltham - 2E0VSS
Steve G1BLJ
Dear Martin and Team: I phoned though my order for an FTDX3000 and SDRPlay RSP2 on Thursday morning. New toys all arrived 2pm Friday. Steve Lovell - G1BLJ
Eirik LA9OFA
Hello Steve, you made my day hi hi. Cleaning the fuse and testing the IC-7000 now produces 100W. Everything now works fine. So many thanks and I give M&LS best reviews around here. 73 Eirik LA9OFA
George D Mate
Thank you ML&S, First Class service Radio arrived very quickly and your customer service is outstanding. George D Mate
Jim GM7S
Ref my FTdx1200, I am very pleased with my new toy!! Came in 24 hours and is in pristine condition for a used piece of kit. Added bonus of the decode board for cw etc. is already fitted. It is a joy to use and looking forward to this winter season.
John Heywood G4IAL
Just to thank you for the above order which has arrived very speedily today. My trusty FT60 is now being charged correctly instead of the hit and miss method of overnight charging.
Tom / M0HYE
Regarding Sales person Oliver Spoke With Oliver At Hamfest 2018 Very Polite & Helpful Thumbs up From Me.. 73, Tom / M0HYE
Paul Morgan GM1 YUO
Thanks for the very quick reply. Great customer service.
Peter Marcham
Good evening All Thank you for the very speedy checking of our Club's equipment today. Excellent service as always. Best Regards Peter Marcham G3YXZ Radio Society of Harrow
G4ZZB Matt
I called at your shop today, and was looking to purchase a high gain Yagi antenna and the MFJ-269C antenna analyzer. Thanks to John who served me, who suggested the EA144LFA5 5 ele Yagi. I would just like to say I am absolutely delighted with both...
Phill Morris, G6EES
Hi Steve, I just wanted to say a very big thank you for the excellent service you gave me yesterday. I can now rest assured that my FTdx3000 is working fine and that the different tests you subjected the radio identified the real cause of my...
Nick Beer
As a long standing ML&S customer, I decided to purchase the IC-7300 and am not disappointed. Superb screen, great sensitivity and almost all the features radio hams need without buying all those extras. I recommend the Icom external speaker...
James Armstrong
Hi my new IC7300 arrived today,many thanks for your professional service and prompt delivery,an excellent package.I will be back for more.
Steve Head
I would like to thank you guys for the welcome and excellent service that I recieved this.morning. I visited the store for the first time today. I was greeted with a smile and an offer of a cup of tea or coffee. Being new to the hobby...
Desi Kaylor
Thank you very are so efficient...satisfied customer since the " Brenda and Bernie " days......Cheers Des
Dave Hall M0IXP
I would like to express my utmost gratitude for the help and support ML&S have offered me over the last 15 months or so. Both in there excellent service in supplying me a solid and reliable 2nd hand radio.
David 2E0OPM
Just a short word of thanks, to you and your good lady wife. I am in the nerve-racking period of waiting my result, but felt I should thank you both. Your kindness, calm determination in the face of difficulties, and care were greatly appreciated...
Vetle Fosse
I just gave my review on google after visiting your shop before the weekend. I was given great service from a new employee at yours, I think Oliver was his name. Please give him my thanks, and forward the google review to the store in general. Thanks!
Many thanks for answering my email and my request so quick. It is always a pleasure to deal with ML&Sons professional support.
John Bryce
Just a thank you for the very quick turn round on my FT 817 repair. It was only posted midday yesterday and I received a call this afternoon saying it was ready.
Best regards John
73 de Tony (G0HUZ)
Stuart McMurtrie
Thanks very much for your help, I really appreciate the time you took to answer emails and, when I was at the shop, un-box both radios so I could have a good look at them. I'm very satisfied with the radio and it is performing superbly on VHF, UHF and...
Les SawfoRd
Thank you all for your courteous and prompt service .
The IC 7300 arrived within 22 hours of ordering! Thanks again, Les G6APD.
David G4DHF
Many thanks for your help yesterday with the trade in. The IC-7300 is
absolutely brilliant - everything they rave about is true!
Andre Potgieter ZS2ZA
The service that I got from ML&S was superior, I ordered online & paid for the product on Monday 18 June & it was delivered to my QTH in Port Elizabeth South Africa on Friday 22 June 2018. Now that's what I call Service Excellence!
Trevor G8GFH / PA2TG
Just a note of thanks, the shipment made on Friday has just arrived here
(Monday) and I've already got the SR200 2m. linear in it's place and checked on the air, plus the first of those BHI units is already in my mainstation audio chain!
Just to say the radio arrived back safely today in good condition, the fantastic packaging certainly helped !!
Well done Martin and the team, customer service at it's finest !! Regards, DAVID G0FVH.
Peter Gibb
Radio arrived yesterday, amazing service, thank you very much, Peter Gibbs. Truro
Alan Lautman
I felt I had to write and tell you about my visit to your shop in Friday.
I am a lapsed ham, and now having made the decision to come back to the fold , am as exited as a little child at Christmas.
Andrew Dingwall
Hi Jonathan, thank you very much for sending the missing screw for the MyDel handles. Pony Express dropped it off this afternoon.I appreciate the good customer service.
Roger G8XAN
Wow thanks and on Easter Sunday :) Now I know why I shop at Martin Lynch!
Ifor Williams
Hello Richard. Thank you for your email reply. Just to let you know that my parcel has now been delivered. Thank you for your help - Many Thanks!
73s Terry G3NPZ
The Amplifier arrived safely today and is working fine.Thank you very much for your help in repairing it and for finding a company where I could buy the Replacement Power Transistors. Most companies would have just...
Philip Scrivens, G0HHL
The parcel arrived at 09:30 this morning well packed and in good condition. Thank you for your help and advice...
Mark M6AWG
Great service yet again from Tony Wiltshire this morning on the follow up to my TS990 purchase 4 weeks ago.
Unfortunately for you as a company, no money changed hands, but a reassuring word from Tony re the radio.
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