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Customer Comments

Welcome to the ML&S comments page. Listed below are comments received about our level of service. We receive dozens each week (many more by post) but these are some of the highlights via email.

If you'd like to contact us via email, please do so by clicking HERE
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Tom Barraclough - G3VSR
Hi Guys, Thanks for the prompt delivery of my order,IC 705 and MAT 705 received today and also for the nice unexpected surprise of the Icom led lantern. Many thanks for your excellent... [MORE]
Eric - G3TXZ.
Many thanks Gary and please thank the Russian developers for their swift response. I'll certainly look for those videos.
Gold stars to you all for your great service. 73, Eric, G3TXZ.
Chris Stephens - G3MGS
Dear OM, The missing Patch Lead arrived this morning for which many thanks. I
have not bought from you before though my good friend... [MORE]
Kerry - G8VR
Hi Paul. Thanks for such a good positive reception today and for getting Paul’s amp into the system straight away. I love to deal with enthusiastic people, the other guy who served me with the bits I bought was also on it.. [READ MORE]
Jem Coupe - G4NRO
Hi Guys. Just to let you know, The IC705 arrived here in Spain (Torrevieja, Alicante) this morning
All perfect, in fact sitting here on the desk up and running. Now added to... [READ MORE]
Robert Pitts - 2E0ZWH
Good afternoon, Just to say thank you for the speedy service - I ordered an RT4 yesterday and it arrived about 23 hours later! Thank you! Kind regards, Robert - 2E0ZWH
Huw Davies
Hi Martin, I wanted to ping you a quick email to say how much Tony Wiltshire has helped me! Great guy and huge support! I am a newly qualified UK Ham with only an interest in QRP. I bought an FT818 in August from Tony and love it. I have... [READ MORE]
Paul Myerscough - G0VYO
Hi Steve, I would just like to say thank you for your help with the repair and logistics of my ic7300,+ the time spent on the telephone talking to me,all is working 100%. Once again thank you to all involved at ML&S. Paul Myerscough - G0VYO.
John Doris - MI0AHI
All received on Friday morning great service thank you. Regards John. Mi0ahi.
Kevin Hadlow - DU2/G0KFA
Hi Tony, Just to let you know the shipment arrived here today all appears ok take me a rew days to set it up and my tower needs a refurb. Very many thanks for your good comms and please convey my regards and 73's to all concerned at... [VIEW MORE]
John Allsopp - G4YDM
Dear Martin, Just a quick note to thank you for your focus on customer service. I purchased two items from you recently an MJF 269D & FTdx3000, both items were received very quickly for which I am very appreciative. vy 73 de John G4YDM
Phil Burchell
I would like to thank Steve Venner for the help and advice he was able to give me with a recent service problem, he was very patient and a good listener. Thank you Steve!
John Allsopp - G4YDM
Dear Martin, Just a quick note to thank you for your focus on customer service. I purchased two items from you recently an MJF 269D & FTdx3000, both items were received very quickly for which I am very appreciative. vy 73 de John G4YDM
Nick - G1ERJ
Steve, You are a gentleman and consummate professional. It is the presence of top notch staff such as your good self that makes ML&S my go to provider - every single time. You care about what you do, who you do it for and, the good... [READ MORE]
Paul Dekkers
I ordered an Icom IC9700 on Wednesday morning. Spoke to a very helpful guy called John who was remote working. He confirmed stock was available and took my order over the phone. I am pleased to advise the 9700 arrived Thursday afternoon... [READ MORE]
Kevin Hadlow - G0KFA
Hi Tony, Just to let you know the shipment arrived here today all appears ok take me a rew days to set it up and my tower needs a refurb. Very many thanks for your good comms and please convey my regards and 73's to all concerned at Martin... [READ MORE]
Liam Matthews - 2E0MQK
Hi Guys and girls, I just wanted to say a big thanks for the great service that I received from you on my recent purchase and popping out the missing part so quickly in the post. Hope you’re all keeping safe and well. Best wishes, Liam 2E0MQK
Darrell L Wilson - KO4DRJ
Gentlemen, Received my 7100 today and sll was pristine. Looking for the mic that was out of stock in the near future. Thanks very much for your professionalism and swift customer service! I elected to become a returning customer after... [READ MORE]
Michael Murray
Many thanks for the very quick service on my power supply here to spain 10/10
Malcolm Porter - G4TJK
Martin, Thank you very much for delivering my FT-891 in person - it is very much appreciated. Good to have the opportunity to chat with you too! I have been a customer of ML&S for many years - this example of exemplary Service reminds... [READ MORE]
Chris Baker BA - G4LDS
Hi. Just wanting to thank you for the help & service I received recently from you. I was looking for 2nd hand FTM-100 so called your sales line and was answered by Martin. Although you had none in Stock Martin informed me that a last... [READ MORE]
Brian - G6MUW
Hi to All. Received today 10.20. Many thanks for super service. 73 Brian G6MUW
Paul - 2E0PPJ
I just wanted to say, thank you. For you and your staff‘s fun utube videos. Very uplifting during corona virus. Thanks also for your help when I meet you in the store a few times. Gary, Jonathan, Steve and can’t remember his name, wonderful... [READ MORE]
Brian - G1FNS
Hi all, Just wanted to thank you for keeping open for business and supplying all us amateur radio enthusiasts throughout these most unusual times. Even your orders seem to get through promptly and the service remains as good as... [READ MORE]
Christopher Gray
Hi Martin, My Alinco SMPS and IC-7300 arrives this morning - thanks for your swift turnaround! I must say, the 7300 is an incredible piece of kit. My late father (G3XQU, and, some time in the early 80s, 3V8DX) insisted on building all his... [READ MORE]
Guy Carter - 2E0GDC
Hi, just to inform you that my antenna arrived THUR 7th as described thanks for the prompt dispatch. Regards, Guy Carter 2E0GDC 73
Bob - M0RAW
Thanks for sending the better MYDEL coax switch, patch leads and all the Kenwood pens etc. Much appreciated. Bob M0RAW
Ted Allen - G3JHP
Dear Martin, Thank you for taking the time to call me with regard to my message about an order for a Icom IC-R8600 receiver. You will be pleased to know that I have now placed a firm order for the receiver. I very much appreciate the work... [READ MORE]
Pete - G0PJY
Hi Steve, Just to say a big thank you to you and ml&s for helping me out with my BHI desktop speaker. I sent it off Thursday has instructed by you just got it back today before 4 00pm. What a cracking service I couldn't get there and back... [READ MORE]
Rowland Rees
Hi Mark, a huge thanks for all the advice and help you gave me a few minutes ago re my order of a new Ciro Loop antenna. Keep safe and stay healthy:-) Rowli
Des - G2DPY
Afternoon Dan, N plugs just arrived, thank you very much for your service and quick response. Going to look further at your website when my pocket money has saved up again !!. 73, Des G2DPY.
Jamie Skinner
Received transceiver yesterday. Great service, quality radio and a really good price. Thank you, Jamie Skinner
Andy Pitt - G4YIC
Just a short email to say thanks for your service. I ordered a BHI NES10-2 DSP Speaker yesterday, it turned up here at 2pm today and was installed and working by 2.30pm. Great service and delivery under the circumstances folks - tnx v much. de Andy G4YIC
Ron Woodman - G4DSD
Good evening, Order placed Sunday evening. Arrived by 10-00am Tuesday. Brilliant service as ever. Thank You. Ron Woodman - G4DSD
Ian - G4TZP
Hi Martin, 1030 hrs 23 April spoke to Tony Wiltshire and ordered ICOM 2730 radio. 1310 hrs 24 April radio delivered to me in Cornwall. Fantastic service, what more could I wish for. Brilliant! Best regards, Ian (G4TZP)
Des (M0AYF)
Hi again Martin, As promised, just a couple of lines to confirm the safe arrival of the FT450D which I purchased yesterday. Not had time to fully unwrap or plug-in yet but feel sure everything will be fine. I am currently reading the instruction... [MORE]
Hi Mark, Just a quick mail to thank you for the very speedy delivery of my missing cable, received this morning at 09.30 a.m ! Keep safe and thanks again. Tony.
Phil - M0PXS
Hi Dan, Thanks for your prompt attention as usual, your service is much appreciated, maybe more so at these times when we can't get out to see you and your great team. Pass on my best wishes to the whole gang for their excellent and... [MORE]
Ian Ferguson
I’m now the glad owner of a Peak Atlas LCR-40 Passive Component Analyser , and have only attached it to a couple of capacitors as yet. Now I’ve had my supper , I’ll put it through its paces. Messing around with electronics gives one something to... [MORE]
Kevin - 2I0KIC
Hello Everyone I just want to say Martin, Jonathan and all the staff an all your family and friends stay healthy and WELL. Will miss [MORE]
Paul Jay - 2E0PJY
Hi to all the ML&S team from me 2E0PJY. I wanted to say a big thank you for getting my new Yaesu FTM-3207D Digital UHF radio to me so quickly! Ordered on Sunday arrived at my door at 10:30 on Tuesday fantastic service given the current... [MORE]
John - GI7SBF
Thanks for the amazing customer service! All arrived safe and sound, have to say... I’m very impressed with the Ultraflex 7 and that’s even before I do anything with it! Thanks again and stay safe! John - GI7SBF
Brett Johnson - G6URM
hi again - thanks for chasing up the order - antenna arrived at abt 4pm - unpacked all FB - first station received 59++ scottish islands - with loop sat in bedroom - not bad from devon on 7 mhz - got to get used to driving it but looks good so far
Daniel - MIOUX
Hello sir, I received my order and thank you for doing so quickly. Daniel MIOUX
Tony Lewis - G6FIT
Hi Mark, Yes all understood and at the end of the day you are part of a business! I know Martin stands behind his reputation which is why I have bought a considerable amount from him. Take care, Tony.
John Epton
Martin, Good afternoon and thank you so much for your excellent organisation! It arrived at 8.30 am. I left it 4 hours per the manual and have just enjoyed a session on 14m. Lovely to use and tune up and most reassuring to see the power... [READ MORE]
Hello, Just wanting to send some positive feedback about your customer service representative Mark. He was incredibly helpful in my search for equipment and I have a long list of items I'm planning to buy thanks to him. He was patient and... [READ MORE]
Trig - GM4NNC
Ordered MFJ ATU 901B Friday Afternoon 13th Arrived at 10 30 Saturday 14th 10.30 AM Excellent Service, Many thanks, Trig
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