Original, Brand New 10m DX Commander Classic Telescopic Pole with protective shipping plastic bag

These are the best selling heavy duty telescopic antenna support on the market.

These poles come packaged brand new, 1.2m length with a protective plastic see-through snap-top temporary dispatch bag. They telescope to around 9.3m in length (sometimes more or less depending on factory manufacturing tolerance) and weigh 1.4 kilos. If you need less height, just remove the appropriate number of sections off the top. The base unscrews which will let you push the redundant bits back out the bottom.

The inside diameter of this “10m” pole is 44.5mm (1 3/4 inch) which means you can internally sleeve an aluminium or fibreglass tube inside the base of the pole to give you lots of options for mounting. I have built these both free-standing by using an internal sleeved 44mm tube concreted to the ground as well as guying them at just above the first section. We also do various ground plates, and guy plates to suit.
The top section is a solid section (not hollow) which is nearly impossible to break and has a tiny metal loop for aerial mounting options, for instance to loop the top of an inverted L though.

Don’t confuse these heavy duty flag pole antennas with cheap fishing pole copies that snap in the wind and sold as “professional” antennas.

NOTE: If you need extremely MASSIVE strength, you may be interested to know that a 6m aluminium scaffold tube with a sailboard mast sleeved on top gives a very strong 10m support.

Note: The Classic DX Commander pole is not suitable for G5RVs and heavy dipoles hung from the top