About Us

Martin Lynch, The Amateur Radio Exchange Centre was established in September, 1990. Its founder, Martin started buying and selling Ham Radio equipment when he was thirteen years old. Buying surplus gear from rallies, clubs and the old London Ex-Government stores, (those were the days), he always supplemented his "pocket money" to an appreciable level!

Martin quickly got the reputation for trading in the hobby and despite his youthful age, people could trust him with kit that did what he said it would do. At sixteen, Martin joined Racal-BCC (British Communications Corporation), and served a four year engineering apprenticeship. On completing his training he joined the Quality Department, still buying and selling Ham Radio in his spare time.
In 1978 he joined a local Ham Store part time, joining full time in 1980. After proving to himself that customers wanted a company that really cared about them, he started his own business some ten years later. In October 1995, Martin and his wife Jennifer had their first son, named Henry. That's where the "& Son" comes from! The "s" appeared making it Martin Lynch & Sons in 1998, when Daniel, Martin's then 17 year old step-son took his surname.
The company still enjoys an enviable reputation world wide for delivering the right goods at the right time at the right price, so all ML&S customers have the confidence in dealing with a quality orientated company.
His new HQ in Staines has the largest display of Yaesu, Kenwood, Icom, LDG, Palstar and AOR products in Europe, (all backed by the manufacturers), with massive holding stock on site. In addition, Martin also carries a wealth of USED equipment (all checked and fully guaranteed), which can be shipped to anywhere in the world. Top prices are always paid for top quality used equipment. Please e-mail with your surplus stock. By far the largest single purchaser of Ham Radio for retail in the U.K., you know that "satisfaction" comes guaranteed when you deal with Martin Lynch & Sons.
The site has been primarily set up to promote all NEW & USED products sold by MARTIN LYNCH & SONS. Any product listed can be shipped to anywhere in the world. Please E-Mail direct to sales for details on carriage charges. Warranty is 12 months parts and labour only and does not include carriage charges that maybe incurred in the event of a claim, either way. For quantity purchases (trade/radio groups/governments& please e-mail [email protected]for your specific requirements.

Martin Lynch & Sons is a Limited Company
Registered in England No: 407 2599
VAT No: 538 6282 19