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The PS-1335 is a high-performing power supply that is small in size and highly efficient. It offers excellent RFI immunity and is very...
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The PS-1335 is a high-performing power supply that is small in size and highly efficient. It offers excellent RFI immunity and is very quiet when it comes to RF noise. Additionally, it functions as an uninterruptible power supply, meaning it can continue to power equipment even if the main power source fails, by utilizing a connected battery. The supply offers regulated power with low noise, and protection against overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuits. With the capability of charging a compatible battery at a current of 1.8 amps while connected to the main power source, it can keep the battery ready for use and switches on automatically in case of power failure.


Input voltage...AC 230V/50Hz
Output voltage...Fixed 13.8VDC
Overload Over Voltage Protection
Output Current 30A (max)
Dims 181 x 63 x 190mm Weight 1.52kg


  1. Even though the chassis of the unit is negatively grounded,use correct terminals to connect cable.
  2. When plugging the unit into a wall outlet,it must be turned off.
  3. Place the unit in a dry and well ventilated area.
  4. Never touch the unit while it is working. Even though it is designed for high efficiency,the unit will still get hot.
  5. If a short circuit occurs while outputing,the unit will be protected by a short circuit protection function. Turn off the unit and repair the cause of the short circuit immediately,then turn it back on.
  6. Do not use the unit for devices that require high current input at the start,such as motorized equipment. Do not use the unit to charge a car battery.
  7. Before replacing a fuse make sure that the unit has been turned off. Be sure to use the specified type of fuse.
  8. Make sure the product is always suitably grounded to prevent electric shock and to reduce noise.
  9. Never disassemble,modify, and touch the inside of the unit unnecessarily. That could cause damage to the product and make the warranty invalid.







 SPS-1335 is a high efficiency,small footprint ,lightweight,high performance switching power supply. It is exceptionally immune to Radio Frequency Interference at close range. It has the small footprint of popular radio transceivers,The constant current protection, and output Over Voltage Protection(OVP) ensure better reliability and safer protection to both the power supply and its connected load. One main DC output at rear and a front mounted cigar socket provide convenient DC connectivity. It has excellent line and load regulation, low ripple and noise.


  Power switchTurns the unit on and off.

  1. Power Indicator.
  2. Battery Output:Connect the 30Amax red cable with 

the positive electrode and the black cable with the negative electrode of accumulator, and the battery 

is at 12V. Once the max.voltage is less 15V and 

AC blackout, then it is automatically shifted to 

battery powered mode; Once AC restore power supply, 

and then, the battery powered mode will be switched to AC powered mode, and the machine will charge 

the battery simultaneously.The red and black input 

terminals of battery are protected, there has 30A 

fuse to protect current overflow, short circuit 

and other malfunctions.

  1. Output terminal30A max; Red positive; black negative.
  2. Cooling fan
  3. Grounding Input power cable: AC220V/50Hz
  4. FUSE: 5A
  5. Cooling fan



  1. input voltage: AC 220V/50Hz
  2. output voltage: Fixed 13.8VDC±0.5V
  3. output voltage regulation: less than 2%
  4. protection:Overload, Short Circuit Protection by Constant Current Circuitry and Output Over Voltage Protection
  5. output current:30A(max)
  6. Ripple & Noise:≤100mVp-p
  7. fuse: 5A
  8. Dimensions:181x63x190 mm
  9. Weight;1.52kg


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