SteppIR StealthIR 20m-6m Flagpole Antenna Package
SKU Part Number: 00219-SPS-PACKAGE
Included in this package: 1 x Vertical, 20-6m, StealthIR Flagpole, 19 foot overall Includes: EHU high wind reinforcing assembly and DB25 Cable...
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Included in this package:

1 x Vertical, 20-6m, StealthIR Flagpole, 19 foot overall Includes: EHU high wind reinforcing assembly and DB25 Cable Splice. (00219-SPS)

1 x OptimizIR Controller Upgrade; Paired With SPS (09760)

1 x 80/60/40/30m coil for Stealth vertical antenna; power limit of 500w on 80/60/40/30m, 3kw on 20-6m (06025)

1 x Kit, Ground Mounted Vertical Radials Kit, 4 wire, 40', (80-6m) (21-6002-40)

1 x Current Choke 1:1 SO239 Connector, External Vertical or Dipole. (21-7008-01)

Optional: Flag

SteppIR Verticals are the only true ¼ wave continuous coverage antennas available for the HF bands.

Introducing the StealthIR flagpole antenna! This is the new performance standard for users in HOA restrictive environments, or for those that have neighbors that are not as appreciative of the beauty of a resonant, optimized vertical antenna system!

The StealthIR vertical is a 20m-6m antenna, hidden inside an attractive flagpole with base. Optional 80/60/40/30m or 40/30m coil is available and fits underneath the rock base. The antenna currently is only available for use utilizing ground radials.

The system includes a two-piece non-conductive “flagpole”, which is flexible enough to take high winds, but sturdy enough to pass as a high-quality flag pole. A flagpole mounting assembly, as well as the fake rock base, are included with the system. The US Flag is optional, and any 3 ft x 5 ft flag will fit if you would like to provide your own flag.

The SteppIR technology has had a profound impact on improving vertical antenna performance over that of traditional designs – there is no substitute for having a true 1/4 wave vertical on every frequency within the coverage range, without having to “trick” the antenna into being resonant. Being able to adjust the length of the element allows the SteppIR vertical to be mounted nearly anywhere and still provide a good match to your transceiver. As with all ¼ wave verticals, ultimate performance depends on a good radial system.

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  • 20m-6m continuous coverage
  • 80m-6m coverage available through optional loading coil
  • 18 ft total length
  • 19 lb weight
  • 100mph wind rating
  • EIA-222-C wind rating without guys
  • Controller:


Weight 19 lb / 8.6 kg 26lb / 11.8kg 26lb / 11.8 kg
Longest Element 18 ft / 5.18 m - -
Power Rating 3kW on 20-6 mf 1.5kW on 40-30m 500W on 80-30m
Frequency Coverage 13.8 - 54 mHz 6.8 - 54 mHz 3.5 - 54 mHz
Wind Rating 100 mph - -
Cable Requirements 4 conductor 2x 4 conductor 2x 4 conductor
Tuning Rate 1.33 ft/sec - 0.4 m/sec - -

What is the OptimizIR?:

The OptimizIR includes all of the standard features that the SDA 100 offers and in addition offers a larger full-color display, enhanced GUI, can be used on ANY SteppIR antenna, and has the capability for the user to import created antenna models. Since this controller has the memory to store extra antenna models, SteppIR has gone ahead and modeled some cool yagi antennas including a max gain, max f/r, and wide beam antenna. These come stock on the OptimizIR for use straight away, and are viewable on a full color “power band” so it is easy and intuitive to visually determine the gain/FR weighting on the antenna model.

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