DVMEGA is a collection of kits and modules which support the C4FM, DSTAR and DMR digital voice modes. By using a DVMEGA kit you negate the need to be in range of a digital repeater for your digital radio. – You will still need a digital radio of the mode you wish to use.

The DVMEGA is your link into the digital networks through your own internet connection by creating a 10mW personal RF hotspot. The easiest way to use a DVMEGA is sat on top of a bluestack Bluetooth board tethered to your iPhone* or Android smartphone. The Bluestack then allows the DVMEGA radio board to communicate with the internet, using your phone’s 3G/4G/WiFi connection.

The DVMEGA radio board is available in two varieties: either a single band UHF version, or a dual band VHF/UHF board. These boards are otherwise identical in performance and functionality.

The complete DVMEGA Bluestack kit comes with DVMEGA radio board (single band or dual band), the appropriate Bluestack board for your needs, a clear plastic case to go around the device, and a small low-profile antenna. All you need to add is a way of powering the device. A 5V smartphone power-bank is what we use in the store.

We have devised a starter kit with a Retevis RT-82, the DVMega Bluestack kit. With this you can get on the air very simply and in a matter of minutes.


*iPhone will support C4FM & DMR only. DSTAR not supported.