MEASALL Radiation Dosimeters and Gamma-Spectrometers KC761
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Scintillator sensor gamma-spectrometers and radiation dosimeters KC761    Product Features  Primary sensor using CsI (2.54cm³)...
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Scintillator sensor gamma-spectrometers and radiation dosimeters KC761


 Product Features 

  • Primary sensor using CsI (2.54cm³) scintillator and SiPM, and auxiliary sensor using PIN tube (9mm²).
  • Powered by three dry cell batteries (AA/LR6) for up to 10 days of continuous use* (power saving mode on at low count background radiation).
  • Support USB (type-C) power supply, POE power supply and can automatically switch.
  • Weighs 300g and includes a display that can directly show the energy spectrum and other data with no need to connect to a cell phone; IP65 level waterproof.
  • Wide range of interfaces, built-in WIFI, Bluetooth and RJ45 ports (supports POE power) and microSD card slot for easy data transfer.
  • With light, sound and vibration alerts.

Product Functions

  • Radiation measurement with Multi-Channel analyzer
  • Dose display based on energy compensation(up to 100μGy/h)
  • Radioactive isotope identification


KC761 on DOSE mode

KC761 on SPEC mode


Product Parameters

  • Energy scale of gamma rays

    Uncertainty ≤ ± (5% + 20keV) or typical uncertainty ± (2% + 10keV) at 23±5°C within 100 to 10kcps

  • Energy resolution of gamma rays

    Based on the technical parameters published by the sensor.

  • Standard sensor: (Left window)Crystal 10X10X25.4mm CsI(Tl) with 2X9mm² SiPM energy resolution 10%
  • Additional resolution degradation of the instrument (95% confidence level):
  • where E is the peak center energy in keV.


  • Gamma radiation absorbed dose rate (error exists)

    Energy spectrum mode: background ~ 1mGy/h, uncertainty ±15%@662keV
    Dose mode: background ~ 2mGy/h, same as above
    Compensated energy response: ±20% (80keV~1.5MeV), -23%~+43% (50keV~2MeV)
    Strong radiation alert: 1mGy/h~10Gy/h, -50%~+100%@662keV. Since energy compensation is not available at this time, the error may be greater at other energies.

  • Gamma radiation equivalent dose rate (error exists)

    ≤1mSv/h, typical uncertainty ±15%
    > 1mSv/h, -50% to +100%
    Equivalent dose (typical value at ≤1mSv/h, directionality exists):HP(0.07), HP(3): ±30%, HP(10): ±20%
    Limit of equivalent dose accumulation: ~10Sv

  • Measurement time

Energy spectrum accumulation time: settable from 1s to 86400s (maximum count rate of 80kcps for scintillation detector, maximum count rate of 10kcps for PIN detector).

Dose accumulation time:any time: since the last time the user cleared the accumulated dose, to view the accumulated dose, nonvolatile storage cycle ~ 1h, shutdown and save.

  • Stability 

Temperature stability: -20~45℃, amplitude drift ≤±10%, energy drift ≤±5%.
 Long-term stability: typical amplitude drift ±10%/a, typical valuedrift ±5%/a.



  • Standard sensor: (Left window)Crystal 10X10X25.4mm CsI(Tl) with 2X9mm² SiPM energy resolution 10% ; 3x3mm PIN detector
  • Temperature range: -20~50℃(work properly ); -40~65℃ (performance not guaranteed )
  • Humidity range: 0% to 100% ( for short term, when there is no condensation inside the device)
  • Altitude: -2000m~8000m(Barometric pressure change rate<10hPa/min)
  • Waterproof level: IP65 (for short term, the rubber cap on the interface must be well-covered)
  • Seismic resistance: 1g,20Hz,30min
  • Shockproof: Any direction, 1.5m, without functional failure, but performance degradation (including loss of accuracy) or cosmetic damage may occur.



What in Package

KC761 *1
Short strap *1

Additional information

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 6.7 cm


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